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12 Tips to Remove Watermark from Video

It is always difficult to focus on a video because of the watermark. There are several instants where you like to experience the best of the visual effects without the watermark. A watermark can be a picture or text placed on the video to ensure that the video is authentic. Fortunately, you can remove watermark from video with the help of software. It is no longer a challenging task. Rather than spending a lot of time editing the video, you can do it in a few simple steps. In this article, you will see such that helps clear a watermark with ease.

remove watermark from video

Part 1. Joyoshare VidiKit

If you are searching for an answer to how to remove watermark from video, choose Joyoshare VidiKit. The unique feature is the ability to remove multiple watermarks from a video. It helps you edit a video with any file format. Additionally, you can preview the edited video in the built-in media player before saving the file. After editing the video, you can convert the output video into any format you prefer. The other feature is parameter adjustment. Also, you can easily get rid of the watermark from the photo on GIF, BMP, TIFF, etc. and enjoy your photo and video without watermark.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit
joyoshare vidikit
  • Remove watermark from photo and video on Windows and macOS
  • Add desired text and image watermark
  • Process the watermarked video files in batch
  • Export your final video in original or customized aspect ratio
  • Highlight the watermark in a multitude of solutions
  • Step 1Open Program and Add Files

    Install and operate Joyoshare VidiKit. Then choose Watermark Wizard and click Remove watermark from video. Import your watermarked video by pressing + Add Files or dragging and dropping your files.

    open joyoshare vidikit
  • Step 2Select Watermark Location

    To begin with, you can highlight your video in the left panel by selecting the watermark location. Press Advanced option in the right corner of the interface and hit Add button to create different clips. Confirm the removal of the watermark location in each segment. Then, preview them in the media player.

    select watermark area
  • Step 3Export Video Files

    Click "Format" to select the file format and other parameters like quality after finishing the process of removing watermark. Also, click the Output to change storage location is available for you. Press the Output button to save your files when you are ready.

  • save video files

Part 2. Wondershare Filmora9

Wondershare Filmora9 is another popular watermark editing software. With its help, you can remove video watermark in a few steps. It is an ideal program suitable for beginners. You do not have to be a professional to remove watermark using this software. This program provides you the chance to edit videos using the several features it offers. For instance, you can use keyframing and motion tracking to bring out an imaginative video after removing the watermark. All the features help you expand your creative possibilities.

wondershare filmora9
Audio ducking
Color match
Keyboard shortcut
Video effects
Step 1: Launch Filmora9 and import the video file. Add it to the timeline.
Step 2: Click "Effects" and select "Utility". Choose "Mosaic" and drop it into the inactive bar of the video. Adjust the mosaic shape on the video.
Step 3: In the effects window, choose the shape, size, and blur amount.
Step 4: Save the video.

Part 3. Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover

You can remove watermark from video free online. However, there are limitations. Apowersoft Online Watermark Remover is a good software to remove watermark. The features present in the tool help you remove a watermark without leaving any trace. With the help of the software, you can also add a watermark when needed. It comes with three watermark removal tools, and you can choose one according to your use.

apowersoft online watermark remover
Compatible with all video formats
Remove watermarks in batch
Hundreds of readymade fonts
Output files in original quality
Customize watermarks according to the need
Step 1: Upload the video by clicking the "Remove Watermark from Video" option.
Step 2: Cover the watermark by clicking Add Box(es) button.
Step 3: Click "Erase" to remove the watermark.

Part 4. VSDC

VSDC free video editor answers how to remove a watermark from a video. It is a user-friendly program and has all the tools required to edit a video. The reason you can choose this program is that it supports all the video formats. It even has picture-in-picture, split-screen, and the ability to change an object's appearance.

Chroma Key tool removes the green background
Essential tools like 360 video editing, zoom, crop, and color correction
Do not require a heavy-duty PC
Hardware acceleration
Real-time preview
Step 1: Import file, click "Video Effects" and choose "Filters".
Step 2: Select "DeLogo" to add a rectangle pixelate area on the screen.
Step 3: Click "Filter Object" to resize, adjust shape and intensity by changing to blur or mosaic.
Step 4: Click the "Export" tab and save the file.

Part 5. Video Watermark Remover Online

You can remove watermark from video online using Video Watermark Remover Online. You do not have to download and install any program to make edits to the watermark video. You can upload the video through the website and make the edits. The automated functionality allows you to remove the watermark quickly.

video watermark remover online
Use ultra-fast engineered software to remove watermarks
Consist of rich tools to make editing easy and bring out the best result
Export the edited video into an appropriate extension
Automatically detect the uploaded file format
Detect texts, images, and other things unnaturally added to the video
Step 1: Visit the site and click the "Click or Drag Videos Here" button to upload video files.
Step 2: Click the "Remove Watermark" option. After completion, the download button activates. Click it and save the file.

Part 6. HitPaw Watermark Remover

HitPaw Watermark Remover is a feature-rich watermark editor. With its help, you can remove watermark from video online free. It has several tools, such as crop, cut, resize, subtitle, speed, and more. As a dedicated watermark remover, you can delete multiple and redundant objects from a video. The drawback of the tool is its inability to handle videos greater than 100MB in size.

hitpaw watermark remover
Cut a video into segments of different lengths and anytime
Add music and adjust to enrich your video
Convert videos into GIFs and share them quickly
Step 1: Upload the video after visiting the website.
Step 2: Click "Watermark Remover" and adjust until it covers the watermark.
Step 3: Press the "Save" button.

Part 7. VideoProc

You can remove a watermark from a video using VideoProc software. It is a one-stop processing software and helps you edit videos easily. It comes with fast processing, allowing you to edit and save files quickly. You can choose between CPU, GPU, and full hardware acceleration for removing the watermark from a video.

Cut a video to shorten a video
Merge multiple video files
Crop videos to remove redundant portions
Add subtitles and preset visual effects and filters
Step 1: Open VideoProc and drag and drop the video onto the main interface.
Step 2: Click Video - Crop and select the "Enable" option.
Step 3: Drag the crop window on the left preview screen and keep the watermark portion out of the range. Click "Done" and tap the "Run" button.

Part 8. iMovie

Learn how to remove video watermark using iMovie on your Mac. You will be using the picture-in-picture utility to add an image to the original watermark. The process allows the purpose of removing the watermark from the video. However, it only supports Mac OS and this program is not friendly to beginners.

Have automated video editing
Support HD and 4K editing
Real-time tilting
Use pre-built backdrops and themes
Step 1: Drop the preset JPG image to iMovie media. Drag it over the video watermark.
Step 2: Choose picture-in-picture. Choose the "Crop" icon.
Step 3: After covering the watermark, click the "Share" button.
Step 4: Press the "Save" button.

Part 9. Movavi Video Editor

How to remove watermark in a video? The result is easy-to-use Movavi Video Editor. You can use the software to crop or replace the unwanted content to avoid any disturbances while watching a video. The software provides a quick and straightforward solution to remove a watermark. It handles a video easily at a low price.

movavi video editor
Creation of videos from personal media files
Video editing functions like split, crop, cut, combine, stabilize, pan, and zoom
Record video and audio
Apply video effects, transitions, stickers, titles, subtitles, icons, and more
Step 1: Download the software and operate it. Add media files by clicking the "Import" button.
Step 2: Select the "Crop" button.
Step 3: Drop the cropping box on the watermark video.
Step 4: Preview the clip and press "Export" to save the file without a watermark.

Part 10. SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now!

SoftOrbits Remove Logo Now! is the other answer to how to remove watermark from video. The developer designed it effectively, as the program elevates video efficiently. You can delete unwanted images and texts from the entire video or specified intervals. For instance, you can get rid of watermark between 00:00:10 and 00:00:27.

softorbits remove logo now
Export a video using any file extension
Keep the original quality
Change the parameters according to the need
Step 1: Install and open the software. Drag and drop the watermarked video.
Step 2: Click "Remove" and select "Tools" to pick the watermarked area.
Step 3: Go to "Options" and select the output format and other adjustments.
Step 4: Click "Start" and rename the file to remove the watermark.

Part 11. Video Watermark Remover

You can remove watermark from video online free using Video Watermark Remover and erase unwanted content like impressions, logos, and text from a video with its assistance. Cutting the watermark will help you share the file instantly with others. Rather than installing software, you can upload the video and get rid of unwanted content easily.

video watermark remover
Upload a video from any web browser
Detect the video format automatically
Process watermark removal in a batch
Run multiple videos for removing watermarks
Maintain original quality
Step 1: Upload the video.
Step 2: Press the Remove Watermark button.
Step 3: Once the "Download" button activates, click it to save the file.

Part 12. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro helps you answer how to remove watermark on video. You can use the multi-functional tool to remove images and texts with ease. However, it is expensive because of the plethora of features and customization options. You can use the features to further improve the video.

adobe premiere pro
Open simultaneous projects
Use motion graphics templates
Perform VR editing
Add preset effects and transitions
Perform video titling and add graphics
Step 1: Download and install the tool. Click the "Project Media". Add your watermarked video file.
Step 2: From the timeline, click the "Effects Control" window. Choose the "Zoom" feature. Zoom in until the watermark is beyond the video's outline.
Step 3: Click "File - Export - Media" and save the file.


You can remove watermark from video using the crop or replacing feature. However, the procedure may fail and not suitable for all video files. It allows you to choose to use the process if you have no other option. Opting for Joyoshare VidiKit is the answer to your question because of the ease with which it erases a watermark. Additionally, it has a plethora of features that help improve the video. After editing, you can share it online and in a file extension that you prefer!


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