How to Trim MP3 in VLC Media Player | Quick Guide

VLC is a famous and popular media player and converter for most people, but actually it can also work well as an audio trimmer to trim your MP3 files on the computer or laptop in an implicit way. This is why a series of similar questions are raised on Q & A sites, forums or communities, like 'How can I cut audio in VLC?', 'How do I trim audio in VLC?', etc. If you are the one, join us to let all problems be solved in this article with clear instructions showed step by step.

Part 1. Easy Guide to Trim MP3 in VLC for Free

  • Step 1 Launch VLC and activate Advanced Controls

    go to advanced controls on vlc

    First of all, you need to install the latest version of VLC media player on your computer. After that, simply open it and then go to "View" > "Advanced Controls" on the menu bar to activate Advanced Controls option, and you'll see four buttons appear including the Record button.

  • Step 2Open your target MP3 file and start to record

    record mp3 file

    Now click the "Media" > "Open File" button to import an MP3 file you want to trim, or simply drag and drop it to VLC. Next, you can play the file and drag the slider to determine the start point and then click the red Record button to begin recording.

  • Step 3 Start to trim MP3 VLC

    trim mp3 vlc

    Wait and pre-hear when the MP3 file is being recorded. To stop it, you can press on the Stop button or click the same Record button again. Now your MP3 file has been trimmed successfully.

    Note: The new audio file trimmed from the original MP3 file will be saved as an MP3 file on the local folder of your computer automatically.

Part 2. Easiest Way to Trim MP3 in VLC Alternative

Though VLC media player can be used as an audio trimmer to trim MP3 easily, it still has some limitations. For example, trimming MP3 needs a long time if you have a large file; it cannot merge the audio clips together, etc. Therefore, if you need a more powerful audio trimming tool, here I strongly recommend Joyoshare VidiKit (formerly Joyoshare Media Cutter).

It's an all-round and easy-to-use audio trimmer that can be used to cut MP3 files at an ultra-fast speed while keeping the original quality. Besides, you can also split large audio file into small parts, remove unwanted fragments and merge the audio clips to form a new one, or make a ringtone for iPhone, Android, etc.

Its built-in powerful editor additionally edits and enhances the audio file. You can trim the MP3 file precisely, apply special sound effects, add beautiful frames, adjust the channel, sample rate and bit rate, etc.

Amazing Features of Joyoshare MP3 Trimmer:

Change codec, bit rate, sample rate and more for MP3 audios

Support a wide range of audio formats and compatible devices

Provide powerful audio editing features

Trim MP3 on Windows 10 and Mac 10.15 losslessly

  • Step 1 Open Joyoshare VidiKit and add MP3 file

    Go to the official website to download and install Joyoshare VidiKit on your computer. Open it, run "Video Cutter" and drag-n-drop your target MP3 file or click the "Open" button to import it to the main interface.

    add mp3 to joyoshare video cutter
  • Step 2 Decide the trimming duration

    To trim MP3 in Joyoshare VidiKit, you can simply drag the slider to determine the start time and end time or write down the specific time manually. There are also shortcut buttons, including Set Segment Start Time and Set Segment End Time, developed to help you quickly cut where the MP3 audio file plays and stops.

    trim mp3 in joyoshare

    Or, you can activate the edit window by clicking the edit icon edit icon next to the file and trim the MP3 file likewise. Don't forget to hit the scissor icon cut icon to trim MP3 before you close this window.

    trim mp3 on edit window

    Note: If you want to merge several audio clips from this MP3 file, you need to select the "Merge Segments" option before going to the next step.

  • Step 3 Select an output mode

    Now press on the "Format" panel and choose an output mode. Please select the "High-speed mode" to trim MP3 fast and losslessly if you don't do any other advanced editing to it. Otherwise, you need to choose the "Encoding mode" to finish the task.

    choose mode and output format
  • Step 4 Begin to trim and convert MP3 file

    Then hit the "Start" button to let this lossless video cutter start to trim MP3 as you asked. A few seconds later, you will find the new file on the destination folder converted-files once the conversion is completed.


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