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Trim or Cut OGG File Free and Easily

OGG is an open container format created by Xiph.Org Foundation. As it is a free file format, most of the media players support it. Therefore, you may have some songs, which are in OGG format. To cut OGG file and make a ringtone or for other usages, you need to use some audio cutters that support OGG. The following will show you the 3 audio cutting tools and teach you how to use them. Thus, you can get the OGG file trimmed easily.

Part 1. How to Cut an OGG File with Joyoshare Media Cutter

To trim an OGG file on your Mac or Windows computer, you need to use an all-round audio cutter. Joyoshare Media Cutter is good at cutting an OGG file without quality loss. It also allows you to add several segments and cut them at the same time. With a simple interface, you can use it immediately even though you are a beginner.

Beyond that, you can use the program to convert the OGG files to other audio formats, like MP3, AAC, M4A, CAF, WAV, MKA, AU, etc. It also comes with a built-in audio editor. With it, you can change track, add audio effect, adjust volume, and so on. What's more, you can regard this program as an audio or video joiner since it can merge all clips into one, if you need it.

Amazing Features of Joyoshare OGG Cutter:

Can trim, edit audio with the built-in editor

Output OGG file quickly and stably

Trim MP3, OGG, and other audio files without losing quality

Support to customize codec, channel, sample rate, and bit rate

  • Step 1Run OGG cutter and add file

    Double click Joyoshare OGG cutter on the desktop to get the program running. You can drag the OGG file to the cutter directly. Or you can tap on the "Open" button to import the OGG file to the program. Notably, you can only add one same OGG file to the program at a time.

    run ogg cutter and add file
  • Step 2Select output format

    After loading the file, you can hit on the "Format" button next to the "Start" button. Then you will see a new tab. Please choose "High-Speed mode" and opt "Original" under the "General Audio" option and click "OK". After that, you can obtain the target file rapidly and losslessly. There is another mode - "Encoding mode". You can choose it if you need to change the parameters of the OGG.

    select output format
  • Step 3Confirm the trimming range

    Now, return to the main interface to select the begin and the end point to cut the OGG. You can move the slider, enter the start and stop time, or click the "[ ]" button to choose a cutting region. Press the "Add Segment" option to import more segments.

    confirm trimming range
  • Step 4Start to cut an OGG file

    Move to the final step. If you need it, you can tick the box next to "Merge Segments" to join all clips into one. Hit on the "Start" button to begin outputting the trimmed OGG file.

Part 2. How to Cut an OGG File with Two Online Tools

There are many online OGG audio cutters. You can use them to cut OGG without downloading an offline audio cutter. Most of them are easy to use. Here are two popular online audio cutting tools introduced.

  • Online Audio Cutter

    The first one is Online Audio Cutter from It can help you cut a song and make phone ringtone. You can use it to cut OGG, MP3, AAV, WAV, and more other audio files with a few clicks. Cutting OGG with this program you can get an OGG file with original quality.

    online audio cutter

    Step 1: Visit the official website of this online service. Click "CHOOSE FILES" to upload the OGG. Also, you can drag and drop the file to its webpage;

    Step 2: Move the handlebars to decide where to start and where to stop. If it is necessary, you can choose fade in or out by clicking the corresponding button;

    Step 3: Click the "Cut" button to trim the OGG. After that, you can download the file from the website.

  • AudioTrimmer

    The next one is AudioTrimmer, which enables you to cut an OGG file online. You can use it to crop certain parts out of the OGG for free. It is worth to mention that this online cutting tool supports mobile phones. In another word, you can cut OGG with it on your phone.


    Step 1: Open on a browser. Then tap on the "Choose File" button to open an OGG file. To be noted, the max file size is 100MB;

    Step 2: Drag the handles to choose the part that you want to cut. Then click the "Crop" button and the tool will start to cut and output the file;

    Step 3: Finally, you can download the trimmed OGG file.


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