MPEG, short for Moving Picture Experts Group, is a working group of authorities, aiming at setting standards for audio/video compression and transmission, according to Wikipedia. Now, MPEG usually refers to a very popular multimedia container format, which can be used to store digital video and audio streams. And there are five MPEG standards, namely, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-7 and MPEG-21. Then how to cut MPEG video files easily and quickly? In this article, I will introduce two methods to help you trim MPEG videos without hassle.

Method 1 Best MPEG Splitter to Cut and Edit MPEG Video Losslessly

If you want to trim and edit MPEG video file without re-encoding, one of the best ways is to use Joyoshare Media Cutter. This is a smart all-in-one MPG video cutter. It's not only a video cutter and joiner, but also a video editor. You can use it to cut any large video file into pieces, remove unnecessary parts of the video, merge the video clips from the same source together and edit the video in the way you wish.

Joyoshare Media Cutter contains powerful video editing features. For instance, you can do the basic video editing like cutting, cropping, trimming; adjust the contrast, brightness, saturation and hue of the video; apply some special video and sound effects; add watermarks to claim ownership, etc.

Besides, this MPEG cutter also supports plenty of output video file formats including MP4, WMV, MKV, ASF, MOV, M4V, AVI, XviD, VOB, 3GP, 3G2, DivX, WebM etc. so that you can convert your MPEG videos to any other video formats according to your needs. Additionally, you can export the video onto many popular mobile devices and gadgets such as iPhone X, Galaxy series phone, smart TVs or games consoles and so on.

Next, let's see how to cut and edit videos with this MPEG video editor. I'll take Joyoshare Media Cutter for Mac as an example.

Step 1 Run Joyoshare and open the MPEG video file

joyoshare media cutter main screen
First launch Joyoshare Mac Media Cutter on your computer and import your target MPEG video to the program. You can just click the "Open" button to browser for your video or simply drag the target video and drop it to Joyoshare.

Step 2 Set the cutting segments and edit the video

You have two choices to decide the trimming portion. One is to move the slider to the place you want; the other is to set the temporal interval manually.
media cutter editor mac
Then click the "+" button to add more video clips and you're allowed to edit these video clips as you like. Click the edit icon beside the video clip and you'll see the edit window. You can trim the video, adjust the video's brightness and contrast, rotate the video clip or add some subtitles, watermarks and effects to your video.

Step 3Choose the output formats and devices

output format interface
Next click the "Format" button, and two modes are there. The "High-speed mode" enables you to cut and convert the video file quick and losslessly; while the "Encoding mode" allows you to change the file formats, video codecs and quality.

Step 4Start to cut and convert MPEG video

Now click the "Start" button to begin your trimming task. Wait for a minute until it's done, and then find your new video by clicking the destination folder icon converted-files.

Method 2 How to Trim MPEG Video File with Free MPEG Cutter

Another way to split MPEG video is to use a MPEG cutter online such as Online Video Cutter. This is a free video cutter to trim any video in an easy way. The following is a simple guide on how to cut MPEG video file with Online Video Cutter.

Step 1 Import the MPEG video

online video cutter interface
Go to its official website and allow to run Adobe Flash if you're the first time to use it. Click the "Open file" button to add your target video. Alternatively, import the video from Google Drive or just put the URL address here.

Step 2 Split the MPEG video file

cut the video
Then choose the video quality and output formats based on your needs. Click the crop icon to trim the video and rotate the video by clicking the rotation icon if necessary. After all the settings are completed, now click the "Cut" button to split the video.

Step 3 Save your MPEG video

save the video
Your new video will be ok after a while and saved on your computer's hard drive. Now you can save the video to Google Drive or Dropbox by clicking the "Download" button.

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