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Audio files have different kinds of formats. Among the formats, MP3 and WAV are common. MP3 takes up less storage with compressed data. WAV provides you lossless files but occupies large space. If you pursue high quality when listening to music, you can cut MP3 to WAV; If your device's capacity is limited, you can also trim WAV to MP3. I will introduce you several MP3 to WAV cutters as follows.

Part 1. 5 best free online tools to split MP3 to WAV

#1MP3 Cutter Online & Free — Crop MP3 Easily — Clideo

click here to cut
This tool is easy to use, but its function is limited. You can do nothing in the exception of cutting files and changing the format of files.
crop mp3 easily
Steps to cut MP3 to WAV:
Step 1: Open the website above
Step 2: Click the Choose file button
Step 3: Choose the range of your audios (drag the sound track or input the begin & end time)
Step 4: Choose the output format and click the Cut button
Step 5: Download the edited file
the detail to crop mp3


User-friendly surface

The speed to download the file is fast

Easy to use

Multiple output formats


The speed to recognize the file is slow

Limited functions

The cutting is slow

#2Online MP3 Cutter - cut audio files in your browser

click here to cut
This tool has more functions than that of the first one, including recording audios.
Steps to crop MP3 to WAV:
Step 1: Open the website above
Step 2: Pick the file you want to trim (Click the Open button or Drag and drop files to the green area)
Step 3: Click the Cut button
Step 4: Click the Save button and Choose the output format
Step 5: Click the Save button again to download your files
cut audio files


Support to open files from URL

Record audios

Can resturn the previous step

The speed to download the edited file is fast


Limited output formats (5)

#3Mp3 Cutter | Wav Cutter - Free Online Editor

click here to cut
The tool aims to cropping audios and has no other functions, supporting only 3 formats.
Steps to crop MP3 to WAV:
Step 1: Open the website above
Step 2: Upload your audio file by clicking on 'Drag your files here or click in this area' below
Step 3: Enter start and end time manually or play the audio files then click on buttons
Step 4: Save your split file as mp3, wma or wav format
Step 5: Give a filename as you wish or leave it as it is
Step 6: Click on 'Cut it'
Step 7: Click on 'Download Now!'
mp3 and wav trimmer


Set the Begin & End time in seconds


The speed to download the edited file is slow

Not show the audio track

Support only 3 formats

#4Online MP3 Cutter - Cut or Trim Audio Files for Free

click here to cut
This tool to crop audios not only supports uploading files from the computer, but also from URL.
cut or trim audios
Steps to split MP3 to WAV:
Step 1: Open the website above
Step 2: Click the Choose File button or drag the file
Step 3: Enter start and end time manually or drag the audio track
Step 4: Click Save Audio as the format you need
Step 5: Click Cut Audio File
Step 6: Click Download Your File Here
cut or trim audio files


Support to trim the file from URL

The cropping is quick

Set the Start & End time for accuracy


The speed to export is slow

Limited formats (5)

#5Free Online Audio Cutter & Converter

click here to cut
If you want to change your file's name when splitting, you can choose this tool.
audio cutter
Steps to cut MP3 to WAV:
Step 1: Open the website above
Step 2: Click Choose Files
Step 3: Enter start and end time manually or drag the audio track
Step 4: Choose the format you need and you can change your file name
Step 5: Click Cut
Step 6: Click Download to save your file
audio file cutter


The speed to download files is quick

Support to change the file name

Easy to use


Support 7 audio file types

The speed to upload files is slow

Note: Compared to other tools to download, these online tools above are more convenient. However, they still have terrible features-unsafe data when trimming. The audio files are to be saved in Cloud service and maybe someone else can also search them. Some audio cutter software can be used after downloading, but this can ensure your data' s security. On the other hand, the exporting speed of the online free tools above is relatively slow. Therefore, downloading a cropping tool is a nice option. It takes up just a little space and promise a fast speed to split MP3 to MAV with high security.

Part 2. The best tool to cut MP3 to WAV offline: Joyoshare Media Cutter

Joyoshare Media Cutter is a professional cutter software to deal with both audios and videos, supporting multiple formats, such as AVI, MP4, MPEG, MP3, WAV, WMA, M4R, etc. Different with the online tools that only have simple cutting function, Joyoshare Media Cutter is far more than trimming MP3 to WAV, but also splitting WAV to MP3 or any other audio file formats. It supports more formats than all the above online MP3 cutters. Most important of all, you have 5 opportunities to cut audios in trail version. Except the cutting function, Joyoshare Media Cutter is a smart MP3 editor and offers many effects to be added to your audios.

Key Features:

Merge segments

Trim videos/audios without quality loss

The speed to export audios is fast (60X high speed)

Be easy to operate

Set Start Time and End Time for accuracy

Split WAV to MP3 or any other audio file formats

joyoshare media cutter

Step 1: Add Video/Audio Files to Joyoshare Media Cutter.

You have two options to add files:

Click the Open button

Drag and drop the files directly to the screen

open audios on cutter

Step 2: Choose the output format.

There are two types of main modes (each has multiple formats):

High-Speed mode (Fast and lossless)

Encoding mode (customize file formats and choose the quality you need)

choose audio formats on cutter

Step 3: Choose the segments you want to save.

You can set Start Time and End Time to crop for accuracy.

choose the segements you want to save

Step 4: Edit audio files, such as adding some effects.

edit audios

Step 5: Click the Start button to export the audio with high speed.

export audios

The tools I have recommended above all can help you split MP3 to WAV. But the last one is full of high security and more functions. You can not only edit audios, including cropping the original audio format to another format, but also edit video files. Most importantly, it supports more than 20 formats. But the online tools can handle limited file formats.

Part 3. More about MP3 and WAV

At present, the MP3 and WAV formats are the two most popular audio types. We know the formats when listening to music. But many people are confused about what the MP3 or WAV formats are and the differences between them.
  • Small size and save space
  • Acceptable fidelity
  • Lossless and uncompressed data
  • Use for professional work, such as broadcast
  • #1Description of the MP3 format

    MP3 or MPEG Layer 3 is a digital audio format created by the Moving Picture Experts Group. At that time, people hoped to replicate CD-quality at a less size. In the process, it caused loss compression, which means reducing the accuracy of certain components of sound.

    Pros: Cons:

    The partial discarding of data

  • #2Description of the WAV format

    Waveform Audio File Format (WAVE, or WAV) is another common audio file format, which is developed by Microsoft and IBM. The format is uncompressed and retains all of the samples of an audio track, so professional users or audio experts may use it for maximum audio quality.

    Pros: Cons:

    Large size and occupying more space


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