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Fix stuck on Apple logo, white screen, black screen with spinning wheel, boot loop, etc. without data loss.

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The iPhone lagging bothers a great number of iPhone users. No matter how laggy your iPhone runs, the 10 tips here can always get it back to normal.

Found your iPhone update stuck on Apple logo? Here are the 4 quick solutions to help you get the phone out of the Apple logo screen and update successfully.

Needless to say, Twitter not working on iPhone is an annoyance for many users. If it is troubling you a lot, check out 6 useful methods presented in this article to get rid of it.

The iPhone X won't turn on issue is now bothering thousands of iPhone X users. The fixes to this problem are different from those to normal iPhone won't turn on issue. Therefore, we have now concluded 7 solutions specially targets the iPhone X won't turn on issue.

iPhone wireless charging not working? If you want this wireless chargging feature to return to normal, follow the procedures listed in this guide.

There are 3 easy and effective methods to troubleshoot iPhone frozen during update in this article. If you are struggling in this trouble, take a closer look.

Here are 5 creative solutions to Skype not working on iPhone. If this happens to you, try these methods to work it out.

In the huge fan base of Facebook, some users of Apple devices complain that their Facebook apps crash sometimes or all the time. This article aims to address the Facebook crashing issue as quickly as possible.

iPod users may sometimes find that their iPod is frozen and unresponsive to all commands. What should we do to this problem? Here are the 6 most effective solutions to iPod frozen issues for different iPod models.

Your iPhone won’t download apps from the App store? Take it easy. Hare are 5 workable measures that you can take to address the problem.

Have you found that your iPhone is taking forever to charge? If so, these 7 effective solutions here can help you solve the iPhone taking forever to charge problems.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social platform in the world. However, some users may find Snapchat keeps crashing on their iPhones. If you are one of them and confused about what to do, here are the 5 most effective ways to get rid of the Snapchat crashes.

This article discusses what to do if you get a notification of "Unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone". If you are struggling with such a problem, you can have a quick reading.

Is your iPhone stuck on "Approve This iPhone"? No worries. You are not alone. To get all of you out of such trouble, this tutorial talks about 3 decent solutions to it.

The issue of iPhone Auto-Lock not working must trouble you a lot. If you are still thrown in this trouble, you can come to read this piece, from which you will learn 6 effective solutions.

When you find the issue of Bitmoji not working on your iPhone, no worries. Here, 5 advisable solutions are elaborated in this article. If necessary, please come in and read it.

In this article, we're going to explain the reason why iMessages are not working on iPhone or iPad and also put forward 7 effective solutions to fix it.

Have you got the notification of iPhone error code 1009 while downloading apps from the App Store? If you are facing this matter, please do not fly into a panic. Here are 5 solutions that are tested to be efficient to help you get rid of this iPhone error.

Are you facing the issue of iBooks not working properly on your iPhone or iPad? Just mercifully, this post lists 5 easy and efficient methods to tackle this problem.

When you are immersed in the joyous feeling Pokemon GO brings, you may not accept that it suddenly crashes. To solve the Pokemon GO crashing issue as quickly as possible, 5 methods are listed in this article.