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Fix stuck on Apple logo, white screen, black screen with spinning wheel, boot loop, etc. without data loss.

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iPhone volume button stuck issue could be one of the most frustrating problems iPhone users confronted with. This article puts forward 10 methods to help you to fix it.

The matter of iPhone not receiving texts is unpleasant but not rare. Given that many users report such a problem online, this full guide puts forward 6 highly effective solutions.

No concerns about the problem of the iPhone grey screen of death. There are 7 quick and impactful measures outlined in this piece to have such a problem done with no difficulty.

iPhone will send multiple alerts to the users to inform them of the coming messages. However, when iPhone message repeat alerts not working, uses might miss important messages. To fix the problem, we have prepared you with the best 4 solutions to it. Try and get it fixed right now!

This detailed guide sets out 5 tried and true tips to troubleshoot the problem of iPhone frozen on lock screen. If you are thrown into such a situation, hope this post can help you.

What if the iPhone proximity sensor does not work? Don't worry. Here are 6 great methods for you to settle the problem.

Wanna know how to fix iPhone white screen of death problem? The post here will give you 4 possible methods to help you get out of the trouble.

When some users try to use Touch ID, for example, when unlocking the iPhone or confirm a payment, they see a notification pops out saying "Unable to Activate Touch ID on This iPhone". If you are one of them and constantly have problems using Touch ID, this guide will help you make the Touch ID go back to normal.

Get a message of iPhone error -1 when restoring or updating your iPhone with iTunes? No worries. Here are 6 proven methods that can be used to rectify this iPhone error.

iPhone X heating up fast while in use is indeed an annoying problem. If you have such a problem, read this article to learn 7 proven solutions.

The post focuses on 6 solutions to repair the iPhone 5s blue screen of death. You can solve the problem simply with these strategies.

Does your iPhone have no text sound for incoming text messages? If so, try these 5 easy solutions to fix the iPhone no text sound issue.

A red screen of death issue will happen on your iPhone to affect the normal use. This post is mainly written with 7 tips for you to fix this problem efficiently.

Are you wondering why your iPhone mic not working? Or can you be sure that the mic is fine or not? Check this guide to examine your iPhone mic in the proper manner and fix it quickly.

iPhone call volume low after update? Here are the best 5 solutions to turn up the call volume and make the calls loud and clear again.

This post concludes 6 easy yet effective solutions to the Weather app not working on iPhone. If you have such a problem, there is no harm in checking out the article.

To fix iPhone stuck on charging screen, this article offers you 5 methods to solve the problem. You can one solution to get your iPhone normal.

Many users find their iPhone touch screen not working after update the phone. While you are striving to resolve the issue, we have prepared the best 6 solutions to fix the iPhone touch screen not working after update issue. With them, you can get the problem right now.

The hotspot feature provides great convenience, but it may not perform normally sometimes. To help the bothered users, here are 5 best solutions to fix the iPhone hotspot not working issue.

Outlook not working on iPhone is a totally common problem. If it happens to you, don't worry. Here are 6 best measures that you can take to troubleshoot it.