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If your iPhone has ever stuck on Apple logo, and the data in it is lost, you can read the post here to learn how to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo issue and way to recover your lost data.

"iPad asking for passcode that I never set" occurs on your iPad? No worries. This guide will tell you how to bypass it with three easy methods.

What to do when you find that your iPhone passcode not working after updating the iOS version? Here, the post illustrates 6 universal approaches to address the problem.

Apple ID has not been used in the iTunes Store? Don’t panic, continue to read this post to extract effective solutions.

If you are tangled in the issue that iPhone/iPad won’t accept correct passcode, go on to read this article and gain useful solutions.

Are you still worried about how to unlock iPad without computer? Here are some useful ways to help you solve this problem.

If you want to know how to turn off Siri Suggestions, or if your iPhone or iPad is stuck on Siri Suggestions, you could find the answer by reading this article.

This article will discuss what uploading to iCloud paused means, why the pop-up keeps occurring and how to get rid of it.

Don't know how to unlock iPhone or iPad when VoiceOver is enabled? Here, in this article, you will learn how to unlock iPhone/iPad with VoiceOver on.

When facing a locked iPhone, almost every iPhone user knows that just using iTunes to restore the iPhone can unlock it. How to unlock iPhone with iTunes? For this problem, the post gives a detailed guide.

This guide shows you 5 efficient methods to help you unlock iPhone with broken screen and access your device again.

In order to ascertain how to disable one more minute Screen Time, here provides detailed information about this feature and the corresponding solutions as well.

Seeing iPhone no SIM card installed? Do not panic, this article will pinpoint the reasons and give the matching solutions to you.

The problem of Apple ID account unavailable can be very disturbing for you. To fix this issue, you could read this article to find the relevant solutions.

After updating to the latest iOS version, the issue, iPhone SIM card not detected, occurs. Don’t worry, you can read this article to find an effective way to solve it.

This article gives you specified information of fixing “Your account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes”.

If you are locked out of iPad security lockout screen, go on to look through this article which provides you with various methods to get into your iPad again.

There are plenty of situations where turning off the passcode might be very helpful. In any case, no matter why you want to disable the passcode on your device, you can refer to this tutorial to do it.

Facing your iPhone not receiving calls, this article is going to help you check the settings on your iPhone and gives you one program to fix this issue with simple clicks.

This post is going to introduce 4 methods to disable iPhone security lockout. If you have this problem, go on to read it.