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This post introduces 12 MP4 recorders to help you capture the screen and save the recording in MP4 format. Each of them has its features.

You may get used to using Windows Game Bar to capture screen. But sometimes we may face Windows Game Bar nothing to record error. This post gives you 11 tips to solve the problem.

Does the music on your iPhone keeps pausing? In this article, we are going to show you 11 collected methods to help solve it.

Is it practical to record video without audio? If you'd like to make it sometimes, you can learn solutions on iPhone, Android and Windows/Mac in this article.

There are 10 top-ranked screen recording tools for Mac listed in this review with the purpose of giving you a hand to capture any activity on your Mac screen in high-efficient way.

Slide to Unlock not working on iPad/iPhone? In this article, we'll tell you how to solve it quickly.

What to do when my iPhone says cannot verify server identity? Readout this troubleshooting guide to the end, and you will know how to fix it.

This guide will introduce up to 9 screen recorder no lag on desktop. We hope that you could find the value of this article and choose the right one for yourself to capture screen smoothly.

Here will show you the top 11 powerful game recorders for PC, with detailed pros and cons for each tool.

Still don't know which software to choose as the substitute of Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro? Concentrate on the 8 mentioned tools in this review.

Want to find an open-source screen recorder to record your computer screen? Today, I will provide 9 open source tools for your reference.

This review provides the 9 best free and paid game recording software, which are well designed with outstanding features aiming at capturing game videos without high quality.

Want to record internal audio with few clicks? Today, in this article, I will introduce best 11 internal audio recorder for PC and Android.

Gmail not working on iPhone or Gmail stopped working on iPhone is a common problem that may be baffling and irritating. In this article, we'll go over why Gmail isn't loading on the iPhone and how to solve it quickly.

This post discusses some quick fixes for downloading messages from iCloud stuck on iPhone.

Wanna know how to repair corrupt MP4 with few clicks? In this article, you will learn how to do that with 7 solutions.

Of lately, many users have reported text messages out of order on iPhone issue. In this post, we will show you how to fix iPhone iMessage out of order issue

Don't know what to do when PowerPoint not recording audio? No worries, in this article, I’ll introduce multiple methods for your reference.

We provide 8 handy and powerful FLAC recorders in this review, aiming at helping record FLAC with ease on Windows and Mac.

Don't know what to do when there is an issue, QuickTime screen recording not working? Well, the article will be a full guide to help you fix it easily and quickly.

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