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How to Download Tubidy MP3 Music [Tubidy Music Download]

Tubidy is a famous online platform that comes with a search engine for users to look for specific songs or videos by artist, title or album. Its clear interface and simple operationality have been loved by the majority of users. This has certainly piqued the interest of music lovers so as to ask how to quickly accomplish a Tubidy music download. If you are in the same situation, learn an official way to download Tubidy MP3 music for free and an alternative way to get many songs together in bulk. This post is what you actually need and just follow.

tubidy music download

Part 1. Why Is Tubidy Appreciated by Music Lovers?

Tubidy has received positive reviews and strong appreciation from a large number of users. If you're new to this music-sharing website, you can check some stunning points it has and better know why it enjoys high popularity.

  • 1. Vast Music Library
  • Tubidy provides you a vast collection of MP3 music as well as MP4 videos for free. It embraces various genres, like Hip-hop, Pop, K-Pop, Country, etc.
  • 2. Simple Operationality
  • There is no tech skills requirement and no learning curve to find music in Tubidy. Even novices can independently search whatever they like. Remarkably, it doesn't compulsorily require users to register and create an account. You can totally listen to music and download MP3 without signup.
  • 3. Easy Search and Quick Response
  • Tubidy prepares hot search items in its main interface for you to instantly access. Also, its Search tool is easy to use. After requesting a search, you can get prompt feedback in the results page.
  • 4. Free and Unlimited MP3 Music and MP4 Video Download
  • Tubidy offers you free music-downloading experience. You can access the official website, find your expected songs or videos and then download them in popular formats, including MP3 and MP4. It allows you to download unlimited music files free of charge.

Part 2. How to Download Music from Tubidy for Free

Learned about Tubidy from somewhere else and can't wait to use it? Alright, you can carry out a music downloading assignment in a short time and handily get whatever you need without complicated operations. Here's how.

  • Step 1: Open any browser you have on your computer or mobile phone and navigate to the official webpage of Tubidy (currently is
  • Step 2: When land on the main interface of Tubidy, you can see a Search tool at the top. Besides, there are many hot labels that Tubidy provides for you to quickly access. Simply click on any preset hot label that you're interested in or search a keyword related to your favorite artist or song.
  • tubidy main interface
  • Step 3: On the search results page, a list of music tracks and videos will show. You can check them and select a desired one. Tubidy will take you to the download site, where includes "MP4 Video", "MP4 Audio", and "MP3 Audio".
  • tubidy download page
  • Step 4: Once you click on "MP3 Audio", two options will appear, which are "Play MP3 Audio" and "Download MP3 Audio". Simply choose Download MP3 Audio and soon after, Tubidy will save it to your local folder.
  • tubidy download mp3 audio
  • Step 5: Check local Tubidy MP3 music file and play it. You can also go back to the official website and download more songs one by one.

Part 3. Alternative Way to Download Tubidy MP3 Music

Though the official website supports Tubidy music download, there are still some shortcomings that cannot be ignored. More explicitly, you can only download one song each time, which is low-efficiency. Also, format selection and parameter configuration are not available. In this case, we highly recommend an alternative way – Joyoshare VidiKit.

This software is fairly excellent, combining downloading, recording, conversion and editing together. Under its strong support, you can download music from different platforms, such as Tubidy, Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, Pandora, Bandcamp, etc. Its interface is user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. You can independently download multiple songs in batch and save them in high sound quality. Aside from MP3, it supports AAC, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, M4B, and more popular audio formats. Even more important, it lets you to customize parameters including encoder, sample rate, channel, and bitrate, with maximum freedom. The built-in audio editor can give you more possibilities, like changing ID3 tag information, trim audio tracks, rename, etc.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit:
joyoshare vidikit
  • Download music and videos from Tubidy in high quality in batch
  • Record MP3 from music-streaming and music-sharing websites
  • Support 16 popular audio formats to save whatever you download
  • Give advanced options to set parameters and output quality
  • With audio editor to manage ID3 tags information, trim and more
  • Step 1 Set Audio Options in Audio Recorder

    Download Joyoshare VidiKit, either for Windows or for Mac, from the official website to your computer. After the quick installation, run program on the desktop. Among all tools in this powerful toolbox, select Audio Recorder under Recorder section. To record and download Tubidy music in the optimal sound quality, you can furtherly enable System Audio and turn off Microphone Audio.

    joyoshare vidikit audio recorder
  • Note: If you'd like to save video from Tubidy, simply choose Window Recorder in Joyoshare VidiKit. This helps you capture both video and audio from Tubidy online website.

  • Step 2 Confirm Downloading Preferences for Tubidy Music

    Simply click on the Preferences icon at the right bottom, which looks like a gear. In the new window, go for Audio section in the left and set an output audio format for your Tubidy music. You can choose MP3 here and hit the Setting icon next to Preset to customize parameters such as encoder, sample rate, and more.

    audio recorder output settings
  • Step 3 Play and Record Music from Tubidy to MP3

    Now go forward to the official website of Tubidy and select whichever song you'd like to download. Simply use Play MP3 Audio to play it and then go back to Joyoshare VidiKit to click REC button. The recording process will soon start, during which you can cut the audio track as you wish or pause to bypass unwanted portions.

    start recording tubidy music
  • Step 4 Save and Edit Downloaded Tubidy Music

    Click on the Stop button in Joyoshare VidiKit to make the recording task finished. The music files will be saved in History window and you can locate the local folder for offline listening. Or edit audio tag and trim the track in the way you want.

    save and edit tubidy music

Part 4. How to Troubleshoot Slow Tubidy MP3 Music Download

Does Tubidy MP3 music download take you a long time but still not finished? If you're experiencing a slow downloading process and urgently need a practical solution to make the thing move forward, learn here.

  • 1. Check Internet Connection
  • How fast your music is downloading from Tubidy actually depends heavily on the Internet status. So, you can take a close at the Internet connection. Try to use a strong and stable WIFI or switch to use cellular data. You can furtherly disconnect and reconnect the network or restart the router.
  • 2. Clear Browser's Cache and Cookies
  • Delete cache and cookies in your browser can effectively help speed up the downloading process. You can go for related settings and find the option, such as "Clear browsing data" on Google Chrome, to remove it.
  • 3. Pause Ongoing Downloads
  • Check whether there are other ongoing downloads that your browser is performing at the same time. If so, pause them to allocate more resources to Tubidy. Or you can try to download a music file from Tubidy in a smaller file size to see if this is the problem.


Tubidy music download is a simple thing for music lovers to complete since the official website gives you the sufficient permission to download MP3 music and MP4 videos totally for free. You can search and download whatever you like without any strings. However, if you pursue higher sound quality and higher efficiency, an alternative such as Joyoshare VidiKit mentioned above is needed. This software can record and save multiple Tubidy music files in batch to different audio formats. Also, its audio editor gives you more possibilities to enhance the music listening experience.


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