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iOS System Recovery

Fix stuck on Apple logo, white screen, black screen with spinning wheel, boot loop, etc. without data loss.

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What if your iPhone keeps turning off and back on repeatedly without any notice? It's indeed an annoying thing. Luckily, you can check out 5 tips to fix it here.

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By reading this article, you can get to know comprehensive method to get your iPhone easily into Recovery Mode without worrying about the device model and iOS version.

Does your iPhone shows an activation error message or have you tried to activate iPhone many times but no success? Here are the real tips listed for you.

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Does WIFI not working on iPhone iPad bother you? Here to completely help you, we collect and list 12 common and practical tips in detail.

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In this post, we are about to tell you how to access and view iTunes backup files on the Windows and Mac computer easily and freely.

It is wise that you have backed up your iPhone data prior to installing the latest iOS 12, so that you can get them back in case your data is lost due to an upgrade error.

In case your iPhone is in a situation that only factoring resetting iPhone can resolve it, you can take a look the post here to learn how to reset your device to factory settings easily.

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