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Top 7 Online Meeting Recorder You Can't Miss

When it comes to having an online meeting, one of the most common complaints is that participants often miss parts of the contested subjects. Developers concentrated on this issue and came up with an easy-to-use online meeting recorder feature. When it was initially introduced, this function gained a lot of traction, and it is now routine practice to record online meetings. As a result, attendees may always go over the important points from the previous meeting if they missed something important.

online meeting recorder

Top 1. Joyoshare VidiKit

This amazing online meeting recorder meets the needs of every user that wants to record their meeting screen. Joyoshare VidiKit - Screen Recorder has many fascinating features that ensure users keep coming back. With Joyoshare VidiKit, users can capture either full screen or partial screen. Also, they can schedule recording by pre-setting the start and end time, so they don't need to stay in front of the computer during the meeting. To help you save high-definition meeting videos, this program allows you to change resolution, fps, quality, codec, and more.

joyoshare vidikit


Record online meeting in few steps without time limit

Best HD screen recorder to export high-resolution meeting recording

Record meeting from Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Meet, Skype, and more

Create schedule meeting recording task to save time

Add watermark and change codec, quality, resolution, sample rate, bit rate, etc.


The free version leaves little watermark

Supported OS:

Windows and Mac

Top 2. Panopto Express

Panopto Express, an amazing online screen recorder, is one of a kind in the screen recording industry. With this recorder, users can use their browser to record. One of the wonderful features of this screen recorder is that it allows users to record multiple sources simultaneously, and Panopto Express will automatically merge all recordings into a single recording.

panopto express


No need to download any software or app

Immediate recording

The smart camera follows and records them using the artificial intelligence when users move around

Instantly share screen recording


No editing tools are available

Do not offer schedule recordings

Supported OS:

Windows and Mac

Top 3. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting allows users to capture everything discussed and remote screen sharing sessions during an online meeting. With this online meeting recorder software, users can record videos and audio with just a click. Zoho also provides users with free cloud storage where recordings are saved for life. After each recording, Zoho sends a link to the recording via the user mail, so users can share the recordings with whomever they want to share with.

zoho meeting


Capture video and audio in one click

Offer cloud storage to save recorded video

Generate a link for users to share with friends


There are not many editing tools

Supported OS:

Windows and Mac

Top 4. GoToMeeting

The creators of GoToMeeting recognized the value of online meeting recording and concentrated their efforts on it. This online meeting recorder app appears to include a separate area dedicated to record management, coming with options to schedule, download, and share recorded recordings. Additionally, the software has an automated recording feature that will capture the user's screen and every other user's audio. This is highly beneficial since attendees will be able to re-listen to the meeting and study any graphics, charts, or tables provided during the discussion.



The download option allows users to convert video files to any format

Function to record software simulations with automatic note/annotation

Can prioritize recording some sections of the screen


No direct feature to crop the screen recording

Supported OS:

Windows and Mac

Top 5. Recorder for Online Meeting and Live Streaming

This powerful online meeting recorder does not only record meetings. It can also record the entire phone screen. For people that want to record presentations from teachers, supervisors, or live streaming, Recorder for Online Meeting and Live Streaming should be number one on their screen recorder app list.

recorder for online meeting and live streaming


Have a floating button to start recording irrespective of the app been used at that moment

Allow users to choose screen orientation and bit rate (fps)

Users can record their face while recording their screen


Work only on Android 10 or above

The speakers sound seems to be very low on the recordings

Supported OS:

Android 10 or above

Top 6. Interview & Meeting Recorder

This is by far one of the best mobile online meeting recorders. Interview & Meeting Recorder enables users to record interviews, meetings, and even calls with high quality and easily transcribes the audios to text with one click. Users can even start a meeting with this recorder, share the links to meeting participants, and join without downloading any app.

interview meeting recorder


The recorded file can be shared easily

Sensitive recordings can be encrypted for security reasons

Advance search feature to search for keywords mentioned in the recording

Users can play recordings in the background without keeping the app open


Work only on Apple mobile

Supported OS:

iOS 12.0 or later

Top 7. Vmaker

Most online meeting platforms that allow screen recording usually need users to host or get the host's permission before recording a meeting. But with a free online meeting recorder like Vmaker, users can record an online meeting without asking for any permission from any user. To avoid forgetting to record a meeting, users can schedule a recording before the meeting and be sure that the meeting is recorded.



Free forever and no credit card required

Record an online meeting without permission

Cloud storage of all meetings

Setup auto expiry of all shared recordings


No editing tools are available

Supported OS:

Windows and Mac


An online meeting recorder is an indispensable tool that every person engaging in an online meeting should have. Irrespective of how perfect your recording skills are, it can never match the advantage of using a screen recorder. With a screen recorder, everything that happens in a meeting will be in your hands, and you can always refer to it anytime. The above list already shows you the best online meeting recording tool. You should try out anyone that fits what you want.


Joyoshare VidiKit

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