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Top 9 Google Meet Screen Recorder to Record Google Meet

A screen recorder is a program that captures your computer's screen. The use of it varies from one industry to another and provides plenty of potentials. For example, Google Meet sessions are no different, and you may want to record an important business meeting or an education session. Below you will learn about using a Google Meet screen recorder and avoid limitations posed by the built-in screen capture available in Google Meet. Ensure that you are capturing content that has no copyright and is available in the public domain.

google meet screen recorder

Part 1. 4 Best Google Meets Recording Extension

  • 1 Screen Recorder

    Screen Recorder is an extension that you can install for Google Chrome and use it to record a Google Meet session. This screen recorder for Google Meet captures the screen in high-quality, where you can choose from tab, full screen, or selected area from the page along with audio from system, webcam, and mic. This extension is simple, and you can use it to create educational videos or capture Google Meet sessions for future use. This tool further helps capture gameplay and save a live stream, which you can capture in a quality that you would require.

    screen recorder

    Unlimited screen recording time

    No watermark

    Instant video saving

    Multifunctional screen recorder

    Captures system and microphone audio


    Basic recording features

    No editor

    You cannot share videos directly

  • 2 Screencastify

    Screencastify is another Google Chrome extension and helps record anything running on the screen. You can access it from the Chrome web store without paying anything. What makes the extension loved by millions of users is the simplicity of the user interface. People using a screen recorder for the first time will find it easy to use and capture sessions or meetings conducted on Google Meet. This Google Meets recording extension comes with simple editing and sharing features, which helps you perform quick edits and share a captured video without leaving the platform.


    Captures video in 1080p resolution

    Grabs system and microphone audio

    Simple video editor

    Easy sharing features

    No watermark


    Limited exporting formats

    The free version has limitations

  • 3 Fluvid

    Fluvid is a Google Chrome extension and helps capture the computer screen according to the requirement. In addition, this screen recorder for Google Meet comes equipped with multiple recording options, which you can use to capture a meeting on Google Meet based on the requirement. Fluvid allows you to record the screen and password-protects it to avoid unauthorized access. It even has an analysis tool that helps you look at detailed performance. The exciting features are the support it provides to the users in social publishing and live streaming.


    Password protection with customized passwords

    Supports for social publishing and live streaming

    Offers video editing functions

    Provides a free analysis tool


    The free version has limitations

    Limited video import and export options

  • 4 Screenity

    Screenity is an open-source Chrome extension that helps you capture Google Meet sessions. The exciting point is that it comes with all the features one requires, such as the recorder and editor. This Google Meets recording extension requires permission to record your computer and audio from the microphone and system before it can start capturing the videos. The other aspect of the extension is the annotation tool. With this, you can mark up, add text to any area of the screen, and annotate that helps people better understand, describe or explain the content.


    Unlimited recording

    Supports webcam capture

    Built-in video editor

    Customized countdown and count-up timers

    Supports video annotation


    Limited export formats

    Unstable at times

Part 2. 5 Best Screen Recorder for Google Meeting on PC and Mac

  • 1 Joyoshare VidiKit

    Joyoshare VidiKit - Screen Recorder for Google Meet is suitable to capture any video and audio from a computer and Mac. It is a powerful toolkit with the option to capture customized areas or total pages without any lag. It helps capture anything on the screen irrespective of what is playing on the desktop. You can choose between the system's audio or the microphone and edit the video for better output as it supports audio capture. You can find more settings by clicking the gear icon, including adding watermark, creating schedule recording task, highlighting cursor, customizing quality, sample rate, codec and more.

  • joyoshare vidikit

    Records video and audio from multiple sources

    Captures video in 1080p at 60fps

    Supports full screen or customized selection of area for capture

    Shows cursor movement and previews files before saving

    Records Google Meet in HD with few clicks


    The free version adds a watermark

    Supported OS:

    Windows and Mac

  • 2 Camtasia

    Camtasia is a popular screen recorder and operates on both Windows and Mac OS. What makes it an ideal program is the interface, features, and usability options. You can quickly capture the screen, use the built-in editor, and share the videos. This screen recorder for Google Meet comes with built-in templates and themes that you can use for a recording session. The option of adding quizzes to the recorder video makes it interactive.


    Records in HD quality

    Built-in themes and templates

    Supports 16 file formats

    Packed with a plethora of editing features


    Overloaded options for many users

    Supported OS:

    Windows and Mac

  • 3 Jumpshare

    Jumpshare is the simplest tool that you can use to capture anything running on your desktop. It gives all the video proofing tools to create an innovative review and videos for concise clients and collaborations. The built-in annotation tools, timed commenting, and advanced analytics make it an excellent tool for a detailed review of the captured video. In addition, it has the call-to-action button, click-tracking, embed videos, and capture audio from the system and microphone functions.


    Video timed comments

    Version history

    Video analytics

    File sharing features


    No private encryption

    No file sync

    Supported OS:

    Windows and macOS

  • 4 PassFab Screen Recorder

    PassFab Screen Recorder is an excellent screen recorder for Google Meet and captures the screen in high quality. This multi-featured tool empowers you to record the computer screen in HD or alter the settings according to the need. This tool allows capturing the entire page or customized area of the page. Its interface is intuitive and straightforward design makes it easy to use the provided options and controls. It further supports webcam capture, making it simple to capture a Google Meet session.

    passfab screen recorder

    Scheduled recording

    Real-time drawing

    Edits post-recording


    The free version leaves a watermark

    Supported OS:

    Windows and macOS

  • 5 Snagit

    Snagit is an impressive screen recorder for Google Meet. With this program installed, you can capture anything running on the screen, including images and games. The exciting feature is the ability to capture screenshots while recording a session. With advanced features from the editor, making quick changes to the captured video is possible without leaving the platform. Adding text, shapes and other features to the video helps elevate the video and explain a process in detail.


    Supports MPEG-4 and animated GIFs

    Integrated GIF maker

    Panoramic scrolling capture

    Exports to cloud storage

    OCR functionality



    Supported OS:

    Windows and macOS


Screen recorder is excellent tool that you can have in the current time. You learn about the different programs you can use, including Google Chrome extensions, with their features and pros and cons. Based on the reviews here and your requirement, you can select the one that suits your Google Meet sessions. Most of the recorders support HD recording and audio capture from a microphone or the system, while a few provide advanced editing features. With the appropriate Google Meet screen recorder, you can avoid limiting screen capturing and use the tool to the maximum potential.


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