[2021 List] 5 Best Desktop Audio Recorder Software

Do you find it difficult to record audio from a computer microphone, sound card or streaming website? For the inexperienced, this is really not a simple thing. However, if you are desperate to create an audio recording on your desktop, you should not miss this full list. Under the help of it, you can have general learning of 5 well-liked desktop audio recorder software and then select one that suits you after completed comparisons.

1. Joyoshare Audio Recorder

Adopted with the most innovative sound capturing technology, Joyoshare Audio Recorder, a competitive audio desktop recorder, is capable of grabbing any onscreen audio activity in high quality. It fully supports all types of audios, such as streaming music, system sound, radio station, microphone voice, gameplay music, etc.

Under the assistance of its built-in audio encoder, you are enabled to save what you record in any format, like MP3, M4B, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, OGG, AIFF, M4R, etc. Best of all, you can pause the recording at any time to skip the parts you don't need and cut whichever as you wish. It even offers editable ID3 tag window to let you recognize and fix info.


Record any ongoing audio in high quality

Support up to 16 kinds of audio output formats

With audio task scheduler and inbuilt editor

Detect silence to split or delete recordings

Preset parameters (codec, channel, bit rate, etc.) and quality


The free version comes with a recording time limit

2. Free Sound Recorder

As its name suggests, Free Sound Recorder is a dedicated desktop sound recorder that is specialized in capturing all kinds of audios, including computer voice, broadcasts, VoIP phone calls, YouTube music, streaming audios, etc. It can be regarded as a perfect tool to grab both external and internal sound and output MP3, OGG, WMA or WAV files with ease.

To let you create an awesome audio recording, this freeware also shows a digital audio editor to cut, crop, delete, echo, amplify, normalize, and fade in/out files. Better yet, it gives liberty to predefine time and duration for a scheduled recording assignment. You can as well capture music from any online music sites and freely grab new-released songs.


Record external & internal sound free of charge

With unlimited undo & redo help on its audio editor

Conduct a recording task at a specified time

Set hotkeys in the way you like for fast access


With limited supported audio formats

free sound recorder

3. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is yet another excellent audio screen recorder. It can be applied to create high-quality audio from microphone and sound card in a straightforward manner. What you have to do is just install a launcher and run it on the browser.

As an easy-to-operate tool, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder empowers you to capture in-game sound, radio stations, streaming audio, voice chat and so on in a breeze. Furthermore, it is compatible with different devices and players, such as Windows media players, tablets, iPhones, Android smartphones, etc. What available is that you have the chance to share recorded audio to YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc. with ease.


Quick way to record computer audio on Windows 10 free online

Record narration from microphone without hassle

With smart ID3 tag editor to manage audios

Play finished audio in real-time and share to popular platform


Rely on the network status

apowersoft free online audio recorder

4. i-Sound Recorder

i-Sound Recorder is a relatively basic yet high-efficient screen audio recorder, which is able to record audio directly from output device without using the "Stereo Mix" input. With it, any sound can be captured in the finest quality. You can also change the recording source anytime to the sound card input or microphone.

More than that, this intelligent tool is well designed with real-time audio compression to save your hard drive space and export audio to popular formats, for example, MP3, WMA and OGG, or lossless formats, for instance, APE, FLAC and WAV. The advanced voice-activated recording is powerful to skip any silent pause in the audio. Plus, its Automatic Gain Control can well keep audio recording at a consistent volume.


Save hard drive space with real-time audio compression

Change sound card input to record at any time

Smartly skip all silent pauses in the audio

Support specifying up to one hundred recording tasks


Only work on Windows

i-sound recorder

5. Audacity

Audacity is indeed a reputable desktop voice recorder that is worth your consideration. As a well-known cross-platform free open source, it attracts too much attention from a large number of users. The comprehensive recording features even make itself more approachable.

Being good at recording audios, Audacity can capture live audio through a mixer, microphone, etc. What is noteworthy is that it offers the possibility to import, combine and edit multiple files at a time in many various formats. During the editing process, you can make unlimited sequential undo & redo as per actual need. Additionally, you can apply effects as you want and Audacity will convert sample rate and format using high-quality resampling and dithering.


Free audio recording open source

With top-notching editing tools

Support editing multiple audio files at once


The interface is not user-friendly enough


Conclusion & Suggestion

Without a doubt, you are now clear about all special features, pros and cons of each desktop audio recording software. If you are unwilling to pay for it, you can get one from Free Sound Recorder, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder, and Audacity. If you don't mind the low price and want to pursue high quality, the tool, like Joyoshare Audio Recorder, can have a wonderful performance. All that matters is that you can alternatively apply a 2-in-one desktop recorder, such as Joyoshare Screen Recorder, to capture video and audio simultaneously or just audio independently. Therefore, it must try each one before making a decision.


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