Top 10 Free MP3 Recorder Software [2021 New List]

Voice recording has never been easy than it is today. The advancement in technology in the multimedia industry has made audio recording far easier, convenient, and cheap - you do not need to book a recording session with a recording studio. All you need is a computer and a free MP3 recorder to capture audio in MP3. While the Internet provides us with a plethora of such freeware, choosing the best software can be overwhelmingly difficult. If you have a problem deliberating on the best free MP3 sound recorder software to record your new song, then this article is for you! We will offer a list of the top 10 best software available on the Internet.

1. Free Sound Recorder

As the name depicts, Free Sound Recorder is a MP3 recorder free for both Mac and Windows users. This tool helps users capture sounds for streaming audio broadcasts, Skype, YouTube, and any other audio. Most conveniently, it allows you to schedule recording from any sources at any one given time. It has a preset quality that lets you to alter output audio quality for the best possible performances. It also has an array of audio effects that help you enhance your MP3 audio output quality.


Easy to use

Lots of effects to enhance quality

It's absolutely free


No beat-making tools

free sound recorder

2. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is a MP3 voice recorder free for Windows users only. It has a cool audio toolbox that enables you to record audio to MP3, process, edit, and convert them to your preferred audio output. Wavosaur stands out as a profound audio recording tool following its vast audio processing abilities - even when compared to many premium recording tools. This free audio recording software has no installer and does not write registry, thus providing it with smooth running on Windows PC.


Supports VST plugins

It has a deep audio editing toolbox

Easy to use

Absolutely free


Available only for Windows OS


3. Online Voice Recorder

If you are looking for a web-based free MP3 voice recorder, then Online Voice Recorder should feature at the top list. It allows users to record their voice using a microphone for free. The tool assures your privacy, meaning that you are the only one who can access your recorded audios - no recorded audio file is uploaded to their servers. For quality recording, it allows you to adjust microphone settings to reduce echo or increase volume.


Does not require installation

It is basic and easy to use

Guarantees quality audio recording

It has a robust privacy policy


Requires strong internet connection

It has only basic editing tools

online voice recorder

4. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

This is an all-powerful MP3 audio recorder free that allows users to record audios from streaming sites, in-game sounds, voice chats, among other sources. Apart from MP3, Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder also supports a whole range of audio format outputs, including WMA, AAC, FLAC, M4A, OGG, and others. It is also possible to fit ID3 tags to your output audio for easy recognition and organization.


No limits

Versatile and simple

Highly customizable


Requires a plugin

Limited editing features

apowersoft free online audio recorder

5. Audacity

It is a professional, cross-platform, and free MP3 recorder with an upgraded inbuilt panel that empowers users to record audios in MP3 formats. Besides audio recording, the application is fitted with a high-performance editing toolbox that allows for batch processing and editing of multiple tracks simultaneously. As you do the editing, the program allows for real time preview and close monitoring of the audio frequencies through its rich Spectrogram view mode.


Supports VST plugin

It has an intuitive interface

It has a variety of sound effects


Noise reduction feature requires upgrade

Some features are hard to understand


6. Cok Free MP3 Recorder

Designed to run on Windows PCs only, Cok Free MP3 Recorder is a free MP3 sound recorder available for personal and professional use. The program records audio from a whole range of audio sources - mention it, and the application will get the job done for you! The saved audio files are organized to the time of record, making it easy to trace their records. Literally, this tool has a basic layout that makes it easy for beginner users to navigate and execute action.


Simple to use

A clean interface

Records from a range of sound sources


Limited operating system compatibility

Interface needs updating

cok free mp3 recorder

7. Ocenaudio

If you are an amateur musician or podcaster, then Ocenaudio free MP3 recording software will certainly work best for you. The program is simple to use and has fewer professional features that make it easy to learn and use. Besides recording, Ocenaudio has rich editing features that will help enhance the quality of your MP3 audio.


Intuitive interface

It allows users to record the screen

Sound spectral analysis is highly advanced


Work rate can be relatively slow


8. Audio Hijack

Developed by Rogue Amoeba Software, Audio Hijack is exquisite free MP3 recorder software. Unfortunately, this tool is only available for Mac users. For the record, this application has vast and unique features making it a favorite recording tool for podcasters across the world. It allows users to burn recorded audios on CDs. In addition to this, the program has deep editing tools that make it fun to use.


Supports all major audio formats

Allows for real time preview

Can easily be personalized


Processing options are less than other programs

It only available for Mac

audio hijack

9. Ardour

It is an excellent free MP3 recorder workstation designed for audio engineers, musicians, composers, and amateur users. Ardour is an open-source, versatile, and cross-platform application available for most conventional operating systems. This program has a nice interface, a versatile editing tool that allows users to stretch, copy, paste, crossfade, rename audio files to the preferred qualities.


It has a simple user interface

Allows users to create their midi instruments

It has a drag and drop feature, which makes it easy to import files


Due to its many plugins, it is sometimes difficult to find an appropriate plugin


10. Vocaroo

Vocaroo is here a simple-to-use online free MP3 recorder. It has the ability to record audio from microphone and save as MP3. The interface is quite intuitive so that everyone can operate it without skills. It even functions to eliminate background noise and adjust the volume automatically.


Easily record sound in MP3

Remove background noise handily

Share recorded file to Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.


Only capture sound from microphone


More Recommendation: Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit is the ultimate and decent audio recorder software for Mac and Windows. It is designed to help professionals capture audios sound from popular music sites, radio stations, microphones, online chatting platforms, among other external output devices. It comes with a high-end trimming and equalizer sounds feature to enrich your output audio file. Besides MP3, this professional tool supports other output formats, including AC3, AAC, M4B, etc. It allows you to fix ID3 tags for audio recordings, making them easier to organize.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit:
joyoshare vidikit mp3 recorder
  • Schedule a recording task in advance
  • Record audio in MP3 without time limit in high quality
  • Support popular input and output audio formats
  • Fix ID3 tag, trim recordings, filter silent audios and apply effects
  • With more options to record screen, repair, compress and edit videos

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The above list is a detailed roundup of some of the best free MP3 sound recorder software available today. The software have been tested and progressively proven to be effective and efficient by most users across the globe. If consumer reviews are anything to go by, then we can ascertain that you now in possession of the best available options to choose from. You should always make sure that your choice of sound recording software aligns with your needs - it is how you get the best software for yourself!


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