How to Download Beats from BeatStars without Payment

How to download beats from BeatStars? BeatStars is a platform where beatmakers can upload their beats so that they can be viewed and downloaded (with or without payment). However, to download most of the beats, you have to pay for them to gain access to the download links. Still, we might ask "Would it be possible to download beats from BeatStars without payment?" The answer is "Yes", and we will tell you how to do it in the following part.

download beats from beatstars

1. Pros and Cons of Official Download

Now that we know that the beats normally need to be paid to be downloaded, it would be better to know that there are different purchasing plans for different beats. Beats purchasing plans include "Lease", "Basic", "Unlimited", "Exclusive", etc. The prices of them vary from beats to beats, but even the cheapest "Lease" and "Basic" licenses are not likely to be lower than $20. Kind of expensive, isn't it? And after paying for the licenses, you can only gain limited use rights. It is true that beatmakers have the full right to profit from their works, but what if we just want to download them for personal usage? You can find the perfect method in the next part.

2. How to Download Beats from BeatStars without Payment

To download beats without paying for them, you will need the help of Joyoshare VidiKit - Audio Recorder, which is one of the best streaming audio recorders. Basically, what we need to do is streaming the beats in BeatStars and recording them with the software. The software will retain the original high-quality of the audio, and then save it to the format you want. Available formats include MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, etc. What's more, this audio recorder has a built-in editor to help you do some post-downloading editing. You can trim the downloaded tracks, adjust the equalizer, edit the ID3 tags. It is also worth mentioning that the tags will be automatically recognized while recording.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit:
joyoshare vidikit audio recorder
  • Download audio from SoundCloud, Spotify or other websites
  • 16 different formats available
  • Allow you to customize the downloaded beats
  • Automatically match the ID3 tags of the beats
  • Step 1 Run Audio Recorder in VidiKit

    Download Joyoshare VidiKit according to your OS and open its Audio Recorder. You will see the main interface shown in the screenshot below. Click the input source "Input Source" icon in the bottom toolbar, and then select "system audio" as the input source. The software will later record the sound coming from your soundcard.

    main screen
  • Step 2 Configure Output Preferences

    Click on the record format "Format" icon and adjust the audio parameters in the pop-out format menu. The options you can customize include format, codec, channel, sample rate and bit rate. If they are too complex for you, you can also configure the "Preset" option to let them adjust on their own.

    adjust output format

    Next, move to the upper right corner and open the Preferences menu. Here you can change the local folder where you want to save the beats. If you have multiple beats to download, it is recommended to turn on the auto-split feature, so that the program will automatically split the track when it detects the silence between the different beats. To turn it on, tick the Split the Recordings Individually box and the Recording Is Silent box.

  • Step 3 Begin Downloading Beats from BeatStars

    Now, find the beats you want to download in BeatStars but don't play it. Switch back to this audio recorder to click the "Start Recording" button, the play the beats in BeatStars. The software will record the beats in real-time. If you have a list of beats to download, leave the playlist playing while recording. They will be downloaded individually thanks to the auto-split feature. When all the beats are downloaded, press the white "Stop Recording" button, and the downloaded beats can be found in the local folder.

    download beatstars beats
  • Step 4 Edit the downloaded beats

    Click the edit audio "Edit" icon at the rear of each recording to open the audio editor. With this editor, you can drag the time bar to cut the tracks, add sound effects and configure the sound equalizer. The ID3 tags can also be rewritten.

    edit beatstars beats


Though the method we offer here can help you download beats from BeatStars, we still suggest you use the downloaded beats for personal usage only. It would be better if you are willing to purchasing the using rights of the beats. After all, beats are made from the labor of the beatmakers, and they deserve the compensation.


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