5 Tips to Fix Apple TV No Signal Issue

Q:"Hello! I've been enjoying Apple TV for months now and for some reason this morning it stopped working. Why does my Apple TV say 'no signal'?" - From Apple Discussions

Developed by Apple Inc., Apple TV is the most coveted and sophisticated TV device today. The TV has incomparable features, performance, and design. In fact, the piece is only getting better with time. This, however, does not mean the device is perfect. Although rare, it may develop technical problems such as audio isn't playing, not enough space, etc. Apple TV no signal is also one of the most common issues. If you have this problem, that means you are missing out on your favorite Movies and TV shows. Well, worry no more! In this article, we shall provide you with some of the easiest ways to fix it.

Way 1. Check Power Cord

Well, this may seem like a stupid solution, but many users often forget to connect their Apple TV box to a power source. Ensure that both your Apple TV and box are connected plugged to a power source. Check to see whether the devices are normally turned on. If not, then the power cord could be faulty, and replacement would be essentially obvious. Besides, check if they are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

check power cord

Way 2. Reboot Apple TV

Rebooting software running devices like Apple TV is one of the easiest ways to remove software errors or glitches that may be causing Apple TV no signal notification on your screen. A TV restart provides your TV with a fresh start and hence eliminates software bugs. To restart your Apple TV, simply follow the steps below:

restart apple tv

i. On the main menu, go to settings and then click on general.

ii. From the available options, choose "Restart." Your Apple TV will automatically reboot.

Way 3. Check HDMI Cable

If the reboot does not work, then you should check your HDMI cable. It is possible that the problem could be emanating from a loose HDMI connection between the Apple TV box and the TV itself. Check to confirm whether the HDMI cable is functioning properly. The easiest way to know if the cable is faulty is using it to connect other devices, e.g., your laptop and a displaying monitor. You can also choose to use a new HDMI cable all the same. This could a long way in helping solve no signal on Apple TV problem.

check apple tv hdmi cable

Way 4. Factory Reset Apple TV

If all the above remedies do not work to troubleshoot no signal from Apple TV issue, then it is highly probable that the problem may be due to an iOS glitch. Like other iOS running devices, the issue can only be resolved by factory resetting your Apple TV. This means that you lose all your saved data, including your media files and personalized TV settings. To ensure this does not happen, it is imperative that you consider backing up your data before resetting your TV.

Once your data is safe, then you can follow the following procedure to reset your device.

reset apple tv

i. On your TV, go to "Setting" and click on the "General" option.

ii. From the option displayed, find the "Reset" option and click on it.

iii. Proceed to click on "Restore" to initiate the reset process. At this point, your Apple TV will download and update the software and thus fixing the Apple TV no signal problem.

When implementing this method, always ensure that the Device is connected to a power source and the internet.

Way 5. Repair tvOS System - Joyoshare UltFix Data Lossless Solution

It is undeniable that most users will hesitate to apply some solutions when considering data loss. If you have such concerns, you can take advantage of Joyoshare UltFix to repair your Apple TV no signal issue. This excellent software is capable of fixing tvOS without data loss. It additionally offers an advanced mode to deeply repair serious problems, like device is disabled or locked. Actually not only Apple TV, but also your iPhone, iPad and iPod, can be ideally fixed simply.

Key Features of Joyoshare UltFix Apple TV Recovery:

  • Fix Apple TV no signal with zero data damage
  • Compatible with kinds of Apple TV devices
  • With free option to get into or out of recovery mode
  • Support troubleshooting types of iOS and tvOS issues

Step 1: Start your downloaded Joyoshare UltFix on the desktop and connect the Apple TV that has no signal with the computer. Simply click on "Start" button to go on.

connect apple tv

Step 2: To settle your Apple TV no signal issue, you're suggested to choose "Standard Mode". Then, follow the onscreen steps to boot this connected device into recovery mode.

put apple tv to recovery mode

Step 3: Continue the operation by pressing the clickable blue "Next" button. You will ask to confirm the Apple TV device info. If there is no problem, check the version of the default firmware package and hit "Download" option to finish downloading and verification process.

download and verify apple tv firmware package

Step 4: Now, you are able to start fixing your tvOS by clicking the "Repair" option. Wait patiently until it ends and then check whether your Apple TV no signal issue is fixed completely. If not, try advanced mode.

repair apple tv no signal


The listed tips will go a long in helping you troubleshoot your Apple TV no signal problem. It is essential that you carefully read and follow the provided instruction for quick results. Among the tips, the use of Joyoshare Ultfix software happens to be one of the most effective, safe, and easiest way of resolving the problem. If the issue is not resolved until now, there is a high probability that it is a hardware problem. We recommend that you call or visit the nearest Apple service store for corresponding solutions to fix this. The Apple service desk is always ready to help.


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