Q: "I just forgot the screen passcode on my iPhone and didn't know what to do. Is there any way to help me out when I forgot iPhone passcode without erasing my data? Thanks in advance." - Sally from Apple Discussion Forum

When you read this post, I believe you must have forgotten your iPhone passcode like Sally. In fact, it's a very common phenomenon. If you continue to enter the wrong password too many times, your iPhone will disable itself for protection. Unfortunately, the only solution to get into a locked or disabled iPhone is to restore your device, so all the data including the old forgotten passcode will be removed, and you can set a new passcode on your phone then. Now we'll share 4 common ways to fix your iPhone when you forgot iPhone passcode.

Part 1. How to Remove iPhone Passcode with Recovery Mode

This is the official method provided by Apple Support team, which is applicable when you forgot iPhone passcode or your iPhone is disabled due to entering the wrong password too many times. It asks you to restore your device and all the data on your iPhone will be erased. The following is the simple guide:

Step 1. Download and install iTunes on your computer and then open iTunes after connecting your iPhone to the computer;

Step 2. Follow this instruction from Apple and manually place your device into the recovery mode;

Step 3. iTunes will detect your device in the recovery mode and ask you to "Restore" or "Update" it. Choose the "Restore" option to remove your iPhone passcode. If it failed, repeat the procedure and try it again.

unlock iphone passcode in recovery mode