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  • Support 240 FPS and 1080p/4K high-resolution video output

Top 9 Free Music Recording Software

Music recording software is essential for any business involved in the production of professional-quality music media. There are many such kind of tools available now that are both free and premium, making it difficult to determine which one is best for recording music. There are also many free music tools available on the Internet that you may use to shape your songs when composing. This guide will teach you what a music recording program does, what to look at when searching for a free music recording software that offers the best tools and features. We've compiled a list of the top nine recording tools for your convenience.

free music recording software

Top 1. Audacity

This open-source and free music recording software for Windows 10 is remarkable. It has a smooth interface. Using this software, you can record, edit, and mix the audio to your liking without dealing with complicated external equipment. The software offers good quality options of 24-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit. You may also use the program to alter the high-pitched sounds and bass and perform frequency analysis.



Smooth interface

Edit and mix audio

Alter sound frequency

Free and Open source


Not a lot of filtering options

Supported OS:

Windows, macOS, and Linux

Top 2. Sound Forge

Sound Forge is a solid and professional free software for recording music. It allows multi-channel recording and contains a ton of plugins for editing audio. It offers a fantastic user interface that is geared toward audio pros that require powerful audio processing. It allows you to capture a recording of up to 32 audio channels. The latest edition even includes a customizable design that you may tailor to your preferences to enhance productivity.

sound forge


Multi-channel recording

Multiple plugins

User-friendly interface

Customizable design


Not many sound quality options

Supported OS:

Windows and Mac

Top 3. Adobe Audition

Professionals use Adobe Audition because it is the most advanced music recording software free available. With advanced tools, it elevates audio editing to a new level. It contains a plethora of excellent features that can significantly enhance your audio quality in a short period. The software is well-known for its powerful multi-track display and waveform functionality. Aside from the features mentioned, this program also allows customers to combine multiple audio files into a single file, fix audio gaps, and produce sound clips in various formats. Once you've mastered it, you'll be able to record great audio for your production house easily.

adobe audition


Advanced editing features

Combine multiple files

Multi-track display

Fix audio gaps


Not suitable for beginners

Supported OS:

Windows and macOS

Top 4. Ardour

Ardour is open-source software that works with practically every current operating system. This best free music recording software has a simple interface and a variety of specific functions that improve the quality of voice recording. Here, you may chop, expand, or divide your audio recordings. You may also download MIDI tracks and audios from the online music library or your PC's hard disc to blend sounds and become innovative with your recordings.



Open-source software

Multi-track recording

Audio editing

Downloaded MIDI tracks


Very complicated for beginners

Supported OS:

Windows, macOS

Top 5. GarageBand

GarageBand is a fully-featured musical software that builds rhythms using natural-sounding audio and various instrumental variations. This free music recording software includes a plethora of settings for Bass, Keyboard, Drums, and other instruments that may be used to create distinctive music. The software consists of various outstanding amplifiers and plugins that can be used with your recorded audio.



Natural sounding sounds

Variety of instruments

Multiple effects to use

Preset to make different sounds


Do not support external equipment

Supported OS:

Windows, macOS

Top 6. WavePad

WavePad has a straightforward user interface, yet it contains many complex capabilities that win it a spot on this list. This best free recording software for music also allows you to capture audio, compose the music, edit audio gaps, and remove the ambient sound. It offers a highly adjustable toolbar that allows customers to retrieve and modify features within the software at their leisure. This enables consumers to create a more personalized experience. The software also has a multitude of special effects that may be applied to enhance the performance of your audio. You can easily add filters such as distortions and echo while tuning and equalizing the audio.



Compose music and edit audio

Adjustable toolbar

A multitude of special effects

Additional voice features


Only support one single track

Supported OS:

Windows and Mac

Top 7. Ocenaudio

Ocenaudio is one of those intelligent editing programs that handle all aspects of audio recording and editing. This free software for recording music is an excellent voice recorder, but it is known for superb and powerful editing. This tool's numerous technical functions are wrapped in a beautiful interface that is simple to use. Also, it enables users to apply various audio filters and review them in person while recording is still taking place.



Extremely practical and easy to use

Modify audio and add effects

Preview audio

Simple interface


The interface can be confusing at first

Supported OS:

Windows, Mac, and Linux

Top 8. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player can be used as a video editing tool, but it also lets users record their Mac's audio and video while they're using it. To start recording, go to your File menu and pick New Audio Recording. Moreover, there are numerous editing options available in QuickTime once the recording has been completed. You may use these tools to edit, cut easily, and even split your audio recordings.

quicktime player


Audio and video capture

Sleek and modern user interface

Audio editing

Alter audio quality


Not many filtering options

Supported OS:

Windows and Mac

Top 9. Wavosaur

Wavosaur is a free music recording software for Mac with many features as a premium music recording app. It includes all the tools needed to edit voice, create music videos, shoot, analyze, and even volume convert changer. This software simplifies file processing by using WAV and MP3 format. It also supports plugins, effect editing, stereo audio files, and the ASIO driver.



Several interfaces

Audio Editing

Sound wave depiction

Numerous processing options


Few preset modifications

Supported OS:

Windows and Mac

Recommendation of Joyoshare VidiKit (Win & Mac)

Joyoshare VidiKit - Screen Recorder is a dedicated video and audio recorder with many editing functions that allow you to clip, combine, and trim videos properly. It will enable you to record both the screen and the audio at the same time with ease. It is a fantastic audio editing program for trimming and cutting audio and a variety of other tasks. This best music recording software can assist you in recording audio and video without delay. In short, this powerful tool makes it easy to customize codec, quality, bitrate and more based on your needs.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit
joyoshare vidikit
  • Capture both the audio and the screen at the same time, with no lag
  • Allow users to change channel, sample rate, codec, quality and bitrate
  • Quickly cut a specific section of the audio
  • Record streaming audio, Discord audio, Chrome audio and gameplay audio
  • Function to edit ID3 tag under the Record audio mode


Audio recording software is required for music production houses, which have a wide range of uses. It may be used to create podcasts, film projects, music, and more. We hope this information can aid you in your search for better music production software, in which some of the best free music recording software can be used to create high-quality music without any hassle. Download a recording tool to help you record music quickly and easily.


Joyoshare VidiKit

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