3 Best Ways to Download Music from Tidal in 2023

As everyone knows, Tidal offers streaming media service with subscription-based music model. As one of the most popular music streaming apps, it provides high-quality playlist/albums for users. It's known to all, listening to HiFi music requires faster network speed because this type of music is high-fidelity and lossless. Someone plans to the area with poor network signals will need to download music from Tidal in advance for listening offline? If you are in need of it, stay here and learn 3 best methods for downloading on computer and phones with ease.

tidal download music

Part 1. Record and Download Music from Tidal to Computer

Joyoshare VidiKit - Audio Recorder focuses on capturing all the audio and music playing on computer with high quality. It offers ablility to grab system and microphone sounds. All files will be saved in popular formats, such as MP3, AAC, AC3, AIFF, M4A, M4B, FLAC, etc. Best of all, it possibly manages playlists and your music library easily. There are more stunning features it has, helping you to automatically delete track when it's silent and split the album into different tracks when the silence is more than a specific duration.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit
joyoshare vidikit
  • Offer options to customize codec, sample rate, bit rate and more in advance
  • Recognize and edit ID3 tags including title, album, track, etc.
  • Record all music in high quality
  • Split or delete tracks based on what you preset
  • Record MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, APE, AC3 and more mainstream audios
  • Step 1 Install Joyoshare VidiKit and Run Audio Recorder

    To begin with, you should download the installation package of Joyoshare VidiKit. After installing, open Audio Recorder, then check sound sources and enable system audio by clicking the drop-down menu on the bottom right.

    open audio recorder in vidikit
  • Step 2 Customize and Confirm Settings

    If you want to customize the parameter as well as output format, you can click on the Format button. Besides, you can also set up the task schedule in order not to wait in front of the computer. To intelligently manage playlists, tracks and albums you download, like auto-delete and auto-split, you can go to the upper right corner to customize settings in "Preferences".

    choose output format
  • Step 3 Start to Record and Download Tidal Music

    When these settings are completed, you need to visit the Tidal official website with your account to play your favorite music. Then it is time to click "REC" to begin recording. During this process, you can divide music into sections or remove needless portions by clicking the Cut button.

    download music from tidal
  • Step 4 Manage and Edit Recorded Tidal Music

    Click the "Stop" button to end recording. Then all your music will be added to the list in the main interface, in which you can listen and edit desired one by trimming, adjusting sound effects, equalizing and fixing ID3 tag info.

    edit downloaded tidal music

Part 2. How to Download Music from Tidal to Phone

Luckily, whether you are using Android or iPhone, you can download Tidal songs for offline listening on your device directly, since Tidal allows this option for you all. It is worth noticing that you can just do it with the premium subscription and the offline mode on mobile devices only supports 320kbps AAC. Also, it's only available to download the whole albums and playlists, not a single track. You can now follow the easy tutorials below.

tidal application

How to Download a Playlist from Tidal

  • Step 1: Run Tidal app on your device;
  • Step 2: Select "My Collection" and select "Playlists" or you can "Search" to find a playlist;
  • Step 3: Choose whichever playlist you'd like to download;
  • Step 4: Start downloading process by swiping the Download button to the right and your playlist will be added to the queue.

How to Download an Album from Tidal

  • Step 1: Open Tidal app on your mobile phone;
  • Step 2: Search and find an album you like;
  • Step 3: Get into the overview page of this album and you can see the a list of all tracks;
  • Step 4: Swip the Download button on the screen to the right side so that you can activate downloading. Your music will be all added to the downloading queue.

Part 3. Tidal Music Download with GitHub Tidal-Media-Downloader

As the name suggests, GitHub Tidal-Media-Downloader is a well-designed Tidal music downloader that offers available feature to download videos, albums, tracks and playlists from Tidal. There are two versions it provides, including tidal-dl for Windows/macOS/Linux/Android and tidal-gui for Windows/macOS/Linux. It allows you to add metadata to your designated songs. More than that, you're able to choose track quality as well as video resolution as you want.

github tidal media downloader
  • Step 1: Go ahead to GitHub official website to download Tidal-Media-Downloader;
  • Step 2: Run it on your computer and enter to login your Tidal-HIFI account;
  • Step 3: Enter '2' to customize settings;
  • Step 4: Enter 'Url/ID' to download Tidal music via URL.

Part 4. FAQs about Tidal Music Download

Q1. How do I download from Tidal to MP3?

A: Tidal uses AAC and FLAC formats to guarantee its sound quality. To save what you download from Tidal as MP3, you're suggest to apply Joyoshare VidiKit (Audio Recorder).

Q2. Can you play music offline with Tidal?

A: Of course we can. Tidal allows users to play downloaded music using its Offline Mode and as a result, you don't need to use any cellular data and WIFI.

  • Step 1: Head to "My Collection" on Tidal;
  • Step 2: Select and tap on the gear-shaped Settings icon on the upper right corner;
  • Step 3: Turn on "Offline mode" for your downloaded content.

Q3. Is there any limit for Tidal download?

A: Yes. Tidal limits the downloads, maximum to 10000 songs. You cannot download and store music on Tidal if you reach this limit.

Q4. Where are Tidal downloads stored?

A: The tracks, playlists and albums that you downloaded to Tidal can be found by going to "My Collection" → "Downloaded".


The above methods are used to download music from Tidal offline with lossless quality. You just choose one following your own preference. If you are a mobile devices user, there is no need for you to download additional software as you can download directly with Tidal app. It just requires you upgrade to the plus account. But if you get used to listening to Tidal music on the computer, you can choose Joyoshare VidiKit or GitHub Tidal-Media-Downloader. Which program you finally apply depends on your own situation completely.


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