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Checkra1n iCloud Bypass 2024 [Complete Guide]

There are disquieting situations where your device is inaccessible because of the iCloud activation lock, such as locked to owner, unable to activate, activation error, etc. No matter which one you’re experiencing, it’s apparent that you will be locked out of your device and cannot interact with it. When faced with this problem, many iOS users would make iCloud bypass using Checkra1n. However, can this tool really work? Do you know how to use it step by step? If you have any confusion about Checkra1n iCloud bypass, you can follow us to grab all the details.

checkra1n icloud bypass

Part 1. What Is Checkra1n iCloud Bypass?

Checkra1n is a well-known jailbreak tool that enjoys high reputation and does well in unlocking iCloud lock on iOS devices. It offers semi-tethered jailbreak to Apple devices equipped with A5 to A11 chips, including iPhone 5s to iPhone X, iPad and iPod touch, based on the ‘checkm8’ bootrom exploit. You can apply it to jailbreak devices running iOS 12.0 to iOS 14.7.1, remove iCloud activation lock, and regain root access. It doesn’t require the credentials information of original device owner, like Apple ID and password.

Free and open-source tool
Compatible with iOS 12.0 ~ iOS 14.7.1
Support iPhone 5s ~ iPhone X, iPad, and iPod touch
Low compatibility and delayed program update
Require tech skills to finish both jailbreak and iCloud bypass processes
Installing Checkra1n Loader couldn’t be completed sometimes
The latest beta version can only available for macOS and Linux

Part 2. Checkra1n iCloud Bypass Download

To get the utmost out of Checkra1n for jailbreak and iCloud bypass on your activation-locked iOS devices, you should first guarantee secure download. Downloading software from unauthorized or malicious channels can put your computer and device at security risk, being invaded and attacked by malware or viruses. So, make sure you get the program installation package from the official website or trusted sources.

  • Step 1: Navigate to official Checkra1n website.
  • Step 2: Head to “Latest Release” in the home screen. Find the newest version of Checkra1n and click to enter its detailed page.
  • Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom until you can see All Downloads section. Then select a compatible version to download.

Part 3. How to Bypass iCloud with Checkra1n

Using Checkra1n to circumvent iCloud activation lock on iOS devices can be a complicated task. You should strictly check whether your locked gadget and its current iOS version are supported. Then download Checkra1n on your Mac computer and follow the steps below to start iCloud bypass.

checkra1n on mac
  • Step 1: Plug your iCloud-locked iOS device to your Mac computer and quickly run Checkra1n.
  • Step 2: After Checkra1n successfully detects your connected device, simply click on Start button at the right bottom to automatically enter recovery mode.
  • Step 3: Follow the onscreen instructions in Checkra1n to boot your device into DFU mode.
  • Step 4: Once device is in DFU mode, Checkra1n will start to jailbreak it. You can clearly see the progress on your device’s screen.
  • Step 5: After jailbreak, Checkra1n will ask you to install Checkra1n Loader app (Cydia) on device. Get it done.
  • Step 6: Simply launch Checkra1n Loader on the device and go to Bypass section.
  • Step 7: Choose a suitable method on your device screen to bypass iCloud activation lock.
  • Step 8: When iCloud bypass is completed, your iOS device can be unlocked and you can set it up from scratch.

Part 4. Checkra1n Alternative – Best Solution to Unlock iCloud [Hot]

Despite the reputation of Checkra1n, it can be a difficult tool for newcomers to master. Without any technical skills, it is a very challenging task to complete the entire jailbreak process independently. Besides, Checkra1n comes with limited compatibility to iOS versions as well as iOS devices. Its updates are always uncertain and sometimes even delayed. All these shortcomings can lead you into a long and fruitless implementation process.

In this case, don’t hesitate to apply its alternative, Joyoshare Activation Unlocker, to jailbreak iOS and bypass iCloud. To your delight, this excellent software has the ability to help you out of any possible lockup issues, such as “Unable to Activate”, iPhone locked to owner, activation server cannot be reached, this iPhone was lost and erased, etc. Coming with strong compatibility (iOS 12 – iOS 16.7.5), it works well on different models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Also, it is dedicated to optimizing the unlocking process to make the operations as simple as possible.

Key Features of Joyoshare Activation Unlocker
joyoshare activation unlocker
  • Jailbreak iOS and bypass iCloud activation lock without Apple ID
  • Provide easy-to-operate jailbreak and iCloud bypass process
  • Turn off camera shutter sound to help take pictures silently
  • Keep update to ensure higher compatibility and better unlocking experience

Joyoshare Activation Unlocker is available to use on both Windows and Mac. You can go to the official website, select a compatible version, and download the latest program package according to your actual situation.

  • Step 1 Run Activation Unlocker and Connect iOS Device

    Use an original USB cable to connect your unactivated iOS device with your computer and launch Joyoshare Activation Unlocker. Go to the left of the main interface and click on “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” panel.

    connect iphone and open activation unlocker
  • Step 2 Begin Device Jailbreak

    Once you click on the Start button, Joyoshare Activation Unlocker will immediately put the connected device into recovery mode. Hereafter, you’ll be required to manually boot it into DFU mode. Carefully follow the onscreen instruction to go through the whole process. Then the program will carry out device jailbreak for you.

    jailbreak iphone
  • Step 3 Bypass iCloud and Activate iOS Device

    After click on the “Start to Remove” button in Joyoshare program, your device will be automatically put into recovery mode. Next, you will have to repeat the same operation to place it in DFU mode. Once done, Joyoshare Activation Unlocker will initiate a process to bypass iCloud activation screen on your device and allow further setup.

    remove activation lock to activate iphone


Checkra1n iCloud bypass is in high demand among iOS users. There are always heated discussions about it in different communities. Also, many YouTubers shares how to use it to jailbreak your iOS devices as well as bypass iCloud. Yes, it does you a favor in these aspects. However, if you prefer a simpler and more streamlined unlocking process, its alternative – Joyoshare Activation Unlocker, can provide a better solution, which requires no tech skills and ensures continuous update.

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