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5 Fixes on Unable to Activate iPhone An Update Is Required

Q: "I updated my iPhone and I have this error 'Unable to Activate, An Update Is Required to Activate Your iPhone' when I am on the phone. What should I do?" – from Apple Community

After you update your operating system to the latest iOS version, when your iPhone restarts and requires to be set up, you may get into the Unable to Activate screen and it says that an update is required to activate your iPhone. In fact, this happens to many iPhone users, so you don't need to worry too much. The main thoughts to fix "unable to activate iPhone, an update is required" consist of two aspects – update your iOS system and activate your iPhone again. You can read this article to know the reasons why this issue occurs and some fixes on how to fix it.

unable to activate iphone an update is required

Part 1. Reasons for An Update Is Required to Activate Your iPhone

When an update is required to activate your iPhone, your iPhone not only fails to be updated but also is unable to be activated. The reasons causing this error are various. Here collect some possible causes as a reference.

  • You haven't installed the SIM card on your iPhone or it fails to be detected by your device.
  • The network you connect to is too weak to connect to Apple servers.
  • Your second-hand iPhone is locked in lost mode by the previous owner.
  • The Find My feature as well as the activation lock are not turned off before updating or restoring your iPhone.
  • For iPhone 7 whose model number is A1660, A1780, or A1779, there are hardware issues leading to iPhone activation failure.

Part 2. How to Fix Unable to Activate iPhone An Update Is Required

Fix 1: Restart iPhone and Reinsert SIM Card

Once you encounter the Unable to Activate screen, the first operation you could take is to turn off your iPhone. And according to one of the reasons mentioned earlier, inserting SIM card improperly can be a major cause. Thus, after powering off your iPhone, you can take out your SIM card from the slot and swipe the dust on it. Then insert it again and turn on your device. After that, you can try to activate your iPhone again to see whether the problem is solved.

reinsert sim card

Fix 2: Activate iPhone with iTunes

If you are notified that iPhone is unable to be activated when unlocking the activation lock with Apple ID and password, iTunes can be served as a workaround to activate your iPhone. The steps are very easy. Just run iTunes on your computer and use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to it. Then, the Activate iPhone screen will appear on the iTunes screen, you need to enter your Apple ID and password, and hit the Continue button. Now, wait for your iPhone to be activated.

activate iphone with itunes

Fix 3: Update iPhone in Recovery Mode

In case you cannot provide the password of the previous owner's Apple ID, iTunes is not able to activate your iPhone. Hence, if you are still alerted that an update is required to activate your iPhone, you can use iTunes to update your iPhone. Normally, it requires you to put your iPhone into DFU or recovery mode. Below is how to update iPhone in recovery mode.

update iphone with itunes
  • Step 1: Plug your iPhone into the computer and open iTunes on the computer.
  • Step 2: Enter recovery mode manually.
    • iPhone 8 and later: press and release the Volume Up button, do the same to Volume Down, long-press the Side button, and let go of it when the Apple logo shows up.
    • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: hold the Volume Down button as well as the Power button, and release them once you see the Apple logo on the screen.
    • iPhone 6 and former: hold the Power and Home buttons and undo them until the Apple logo appears.
  • Step 3: Once you see the pop-up window on the iTunes screen, click the Update button to make your iPhone up to date.

Fix 4: Upgrade iPhone via Joyoshare UltFix

Alternatively, you can employ Joyoshare UltFix to upgrade your iOS system if an update is required to activate your iPhone. This program has the least restrictions. There is no need for Apple ID password or iTunes, and you don't have to worry about the complex steps to entering recovery mode. Joyoshare UltFix can update your iPhone to the latest version with merely a few clicks. Although it is a professional system recovery tool, it is well-designed for its iOS upgrade and downgrade feature.

upgrade iphone via joyoshare ultfix
  • Step 1: Launch Joyoshare UltFix on your computer and connect iPhone to it.
  • Step 2: Choose Upgrade/Downgrade iOS, and select iOS Upgrade.
  • Step 3: Select the iOS version you need, and click the Download button to download and verify the firmware package.
  • Step 4: Hit on Start Upgrade to make your iOS system updated.

Part 3. Bypass Unable to Activate iPhone without Password

In order to fix "Unable to activate iPhone, an update is required", the ultimate solution rises - Joyoshare Activation Unlocker. It is specifically designed to bypass the activation lock so as to activate iPhone, iPad and iPod. Aside from iPhone Unable to Activate, this program can help you to fix activation server cannot be reached, iPad locked to owner, your iPhone is linked to another Apple ID, and so on. With high compatibility and a high rate of success, Joyoshare Activation Unlocker also has the ability to unlock Apple ID without password. In addition, you could take advantage of this software to turn off the Find My iPhone feature if you forgot to disable it.

Key Features of Joyoshare Activation Unlocker
joyoshare activation unlocker
  • Activate iPhone without Apple ID and password
  • Remove the activation lock for unlimited times
  • Unlock Apple ID on iOS 16 in a few minutes
  • Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad with a high success rate
  • Step 1 Connect iPhone to Joyoshare Activation Unlocker

    Download, install and launch Joyoshare Activation Unlocker on your computer. At the bottom of the main interface, locate the disclaimer and read it carefully. Click the Agree button, and connect your iPhone to the PC. Then, click on Start.

    connect iphone to computer
  • Step 2 Manually Jailbreak Your iPhone

    The jailbreak tool will be downloaded along with clicking the Start button. Mac users can straightly install it on the computer while Windows users need to insert a USB drive to install it. After that, view and follow the Jailbreak Tutorial to manually jailbreak your iPhone.

    jailbreak iphone
  • Step 3 Fix iPhone Unable to Activate, An Update Is Required

    As long as your iPhone is jailbroken, Joyoshare Activation Unlocker will detect your device and display your device information. Then, you can click on Start to Remove to solve your iPhone's activation problem.

    fix an update is required to activate iphone

Part 4. Summary

Facing "Unable to activate iPhone, an update is required", you could update your iPhone again or reactivate it. This article not merely lists some possible reasons causing this error but also tells you different methods to upgrade iOS system and activate iPhone. You can apply iTunes to achieve both goals. But without iTunes, it is advisable to use Joyoshare UltFix to upgrade iPhone to the newest system, or utilize Joyoshare Activation Unlocker to activate your iPhone. All of them are effective in dealing with "an update is required to activate iPhone", you could try them one by one to if iPhone is unable to be activated.

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