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15 Smart WAV to MP3 Converter You Can Use

The most popular audio format in the world today is the MP3 format. For this reason, most audio players are designed to play MP3 files. This can be a problem when you want to play another file format such as WAV on your MP3 player only to discover that the format is not supported. The good news, however, is that you can easily convert your WAV to MP3 format. To do this you need the right WAV to MP3 converter. There are many free WAV to MP3 converters all over the internet. However, remember that not every free WAV to MP3 converter will give you the great results you want. For this reason, below is a list of the 15 best and recommended WAV to MP3 converters you can use whenever you want to convert your WAV to MP3 format.

wav to mp3 converter

1. Joyoshare VidiKit (Recommended)

When it comes to converting WAV to MP3, Joyoshare VidiKit (upgraded from Joyoshare Video Converter) is often considered one of the best options. This is because no other converter is loaded with as many high-tech features as this tool. For a start no matter what conversion you are making, Joyoshare VidiKit guarantees to retain 100% of the quality of your file. In addition, this tool supports over 150 video and audio formats and is about 60 times faster than your average converter. This WAV to MP3 converter can also be used to rip a DVD, remove protection from video and audio files and edit files to your desired outcome.

joyoshare wav to mp3 converter


Convert WAV to MP3 or MP3 to WAV at 60X fastest speed

Compatible with a wide range of output formats and devices

Use the high-speed mode to convert videos and audio losslessly

Use the encoding mode to edit and enhance files as you like

Cut, trim, split, crop, trim, subtitle, watermark videos, and more

Rip DVD to many formats and support DVD files at the same time

An all-in-one video cutter, joiner, recorder, compressor, repairer, etc.


The free version has a limited number of conversions you can make

2. FreeConvert

If you are looking for a free WAV to MP3 converter online then this is your best option. This WAV to MP3 file converter comes with many high-quality features that make it easy for you to convert your WAV files to MP3s. it allows for batch working which speeds up your work. All you have to do to use this tool is open it on your browser, upload your files, choose the output format and convert the files to MP3. In minutes you will be able to download your converted MP3 files and play them on your MP3 player.



It supports almost all common videos and audio files

Allow for multiple file uploads

It is easy to use


You can't use it to convert large files (bigger than 1 GB)

3. Zamzar

If you are looking for the best WAV to MP3 converter free then Zamzar is your best bet. This free online WAV to MP3 converter will help you convert your WAV files to not only the MP3 format but many other audio formats. It is also designed to retain the high quality of your files thus making sure that you get the best results possible. As an online tool, you can rest assured that you can use Zamzar anywhere anytime. It is readily available as long as you have internet connectivity. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about installing additional software on your device.

zamzar online file conversion


Support many different video and audio formats

It is easy to use

Do not affect the quality of your files


Take time to convert your files

Not the best for large files (file limit is 150 MB)

4. Convertio

This is another powerful WAV to MP3 converter online free. Convertio comes with many options for converting files. It is designed to handle a wide range of files from video, images to documents. It also works with a wide range of file formats both video and audio. It has a simple interface and is quite easy to use. Being an online tool makes Convertio quite convenient for many people who would otherwise feel uncomfortable installing additional software to their computers. It also means that you can use the tool at any moment even if you don't have access to your computer as you work online.



It has an intuitive interface and is very easy to use

It is free for converting audio files

It is online thus can be used by anyone on any platform


It may be slow if you use slow internet connectivity

Limit free conversion to 100 MB per file

5. Online Audio Converter

This is another perfect online converter that you can use to convert your WAV files to MP3s. It makes it easy to upload and convert files. Being an online tool it supports multiple audio files making it easy to convert your WAV files to several other formats besides MP3. In addition, you can share the converted files with Dropbox and Google Drive easily. It goes without saying this tool is designed for online therefore is equipped with many great features to make it easy not only to download and convert files but to create audio files that are fit for uploading online.

online audio converter


Have cloud storage capabilities

It is easy to use

You can use it to edit the metadata of your audio files

Support multiple audio formats


Can be slow with slow internet connectivity

You have to deal with lots of ads on the website

6. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is another awesome online convert you will love when converting your WAV files to MP3s. It supports different audio file formats which makes it easy for you're to convert your WAV files into any other format you want. It is easy to use and retains the high quality of your audio sound. Working with the cloud means that you can easily work on files to be uploaded online. Therefore CloudConvert is an important tool for people who love sharing videos and audio files online as it makes your work easy and fast. The fact that this tool retains the high quality of your audio also makes it quite important for creating both business and social content.



Support more than 200 file formats

Guarantee high audio quality

Easy to use

Have many high-quality features


Bulk conversion is not free

Being an online tool its speeds depends on your internet connectivity

7. Wondershare Online UniConverter

This is yet another powerful online tool you can use to convert your WAV files to MP3s. Owned by Wondershare, Online UniConverter is built with several high-quality features to make sure that you can easily convert your audio and video files into different formats. It has an intuitive interface and supports a wide range of file formats. Like all Wondershare products, this online converter is designed for quality. It not only works on converting audio files but is also good when it comes to converting videos. This makes it a perfect choice if you work on both video and audio files.

wondershare online uniconverter


It is straightforward to use

Can convert your files into several other files

Retain the high quality of your audio sounds


Do not support cloud conversion

Being free software it has limits to the audio formats you can convert to

8. Freemake Video Converter

The Freemake Video Converter is a powerful WAV to MP3 converter freeware you cannot afford to ignore. Created by iSkysoft, this WAV to MP3 converter is the perfect tool if you own a windows computer. It is free and will help you convert your WAV files to MP3 and several other files such as OGG, AIFF, and WMA among others. It is also perfect when you have many files to convert as you can do so in batches. This means that you will save time by converting many files together instead of converting one at a time. Supporting both Videos and audios makes this converter the best tool if you love working with both audio and video files.

freemake video converter


Support conversion into multiple audio file formats

Work best with Cloud computing

Come with editing capabilities to help you fine-tune your files

Support batch conversion


Not available to Mac users

9. VSDC Free Audio Converter

The VSDC Free Audio Converter is one of the best free WAV to MP3 converters you should use if you want to convert WAV to MP3 files. It is fast and comes with many great features to make your conversion easy, fast, and of great quality. In addition, you can use it to convert your WAV files to other formats such as M4A, AIFF, MOV, OMA, ASF, AMR, M3U, and VOC among many others. In addition to converting audio files, you can also use this tool to trim your audio files, split a large file into smaller segments and perform many other editing works. This makes it an important tool when you want to modify the files you convert to MP3.

vsdc free audio converter


It is designed to convert files into many different formats

Can convert video to audio

Can be used to split audio files


Work on Windows computers only

10. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

This is a powerful Wondershare's Video Converter for Mac. It is designed with many features to help you convert both video and audio files into many different formats including from WAV to MP3. It maintains the high quality of your file while helping not just convert the files but also change their settings for a better experience. As a macOS tool, this video converter will help you download and convert files from iTunes so that you can easily listen to them on other MP3 players. This makes it easy to listen to all your favorite iTunes playlist on your car MP3 player.

wondershare video converter ultimate for mac


It has a simple and easy to use interface

It is faster than average media converters

Support many different media files


It leaves a watermark on the files you convert

11. MediaHuman Audio Converter

This is an awesome free media conversion for both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is fast and can convert your file from WAV format to almost all common audio formats. It can also be used to convert video files to audio and audio formats to different audio file formats. It also seamlessly links with iTunes making it easy to export to and import files directly from iTunes. This makes it a perfect tool for people who download songs from iTunes as it helps you convert your songs for easy listening to on MP3 devices and other non-Mp3 devices that do not support the iTunes content format.

mediahuman audio converter


It has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface

Support batch conversion

Can exports files directly to iTunes


It can be slower when handling large files or when batch processing

12. Audacity

Audacity is a popular open-source and free audio converter program. It is often used to edit audio files, create shows and convert files to different formats. It works across all major operating systems. Audacity converter is seen as a stand-alone audio editor. This means that besides helping you convert your files to MP3 format you can use it to reconstruct audio files, record audio files, and edit files as you deem important. This makes it a popular tool for people who want to create something out of the WAV files they want to convert into MP3. For example, if you want to convert a file to MP3 and then split it into segments then you will love this tool.



Work across all major operating systems including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows

It can handle almost all known audio formats

It is easy to use and faster

It provides better audio editing than most other audio converters


As an Open source program, it has some limitations on updates

13. Any Audio Converter

Any Audio Converter is a wonderful video convert that you can use to quickly and effortlessly convert your WAV files to MP3. It supports a wide range of audio formats making it easy to also convert your files to other formats. You can also download and convert files directly from YouTube and more than 100 other sites. It also works perfectly with android and iOS devices. What this means is that if you love listening to your audio tracks on your iPhone, Android phone, or on your smartwatch when out there jogging then you will find this tool very helpful.

any audio converter


It supports many audio formats

It downloads files directly from online sources

Retain 100% audio quality

Support batch processing


Limited editing capabilities

14. Switch Audio Converter

Switch Audio Converter is a powerful tool you can use to convert your WAV files to MP3. Created by NHC, this program is designed to support a wide range of media files such as WMA, AAC, OCG, and M4A among others. It is easy to use and quite fast especially when working with smaller files. As an internet-integrated tool, you will enjoy downloading files from the internet, playing your files, and converting them to any format you want. Thus this tool is not your ordinary convert as it gives you the power to enjoy your audio files in ways other tools won't.

switch audio converter


Can be used for batch conversion

Have file editing functions such as bitrate editing and file compression

Work across different platforms


Do not support direct import and export to other devices

15. Boxoft Audio Converter

Boxoft is another popular free MP3 converter that you can use to convert your WAV files to Mp3s. It comes in two versions for Mac and Windows operating systems. It is designed to support a wide range of popular video and audio formats making it easy for you to work with any media file. The creators of this tool were interested in the quality of your output. For this reason, you can trust that this tool will retain the high quality of your audio files during the conversion process. Furthermore, you have more options to enhance your sound making sure that you get satisfactory results.

boxoft audio converter


It retains the high quality of your videos

It makes your work easy by enabling you to batch convert your files.

It works across different operating systems


It cannot download files from online sources.


From the foregoing discussion, it is clear that you have many options when it comes to converting your WAV files to MP3 files. However, not all discussed tools will be perfect for you and the kind of conversion you want. It is important to review each and choose the best for your needs. If you want to do more with your files than just converting them to MP3s then we recommend you use the Joyoshare VidiKit (originated from Joyoshare Video Converter), which is designed to handle top-level video and audio editing. It is also super-fast and can help you edit and create entirely new files from the ones you just converted.


Joyoshare VidiKit

Complete video toolkit combines recording, conversion and editing


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