Top 12 Video Chat Apps for Work and Entertainment

The growing need for people to network, internet communication has been on a dramatic uptrend in the last decade. Most notably, the use of video calls to network with business associates, family, and friends is now deemed a necessity. People want to keep that "human touch," even though miles away from each other. With the rumored launch of the 5G network and continued calls for social distancing to curb the spread of COVID19, internet video calls will not only be necessary but fast and amazing.

Well, IT experts and software developers have provided us with an alloy of video chat apps to choose from. The vast number of choices can make it difficult to choose the best video chat application for yourself. To ease your dilemma, we have researched and tested a vast number of them, and below is a list of the top 12 best video chat apps available on the internet for you!

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#1. Skype

For a long time, Skype has remained a top video chat app and a favorite for most people worldwide. The app was released and has since then seen over 1 billion installations. It is an easy to use multiplatform video chat application that allows users to easily with people across the globe. Skype video call services are free.

use skype to chat

Compatibility: Windows, macOS (desktop), Android, and iOS


Have low international calling rates

Support text, audio, and voice messaging

Support up to 50 on a video call with no time limit and watermark

Compatible with most conventional operating systems


High-quality video calls

Allow many simultaneous callers


Have only basic emoji reactions for casual users

#2. Zoom

It is a high-end video conferencing application making it a perfect choice for business meetings, seminars, school classes; basically, all virtual get together. It is also a perfect choice for casual video chats with friends and family. If you want more participants, then you will have to go for a more advanced subscription package.

use zoom to have a chat

Compatibility: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web


Solid web integration

Unlimited one-on-one meetings

Allow up to 100 participants within 40 minutes


Comprehensive feature set

Available for most platforms

End-to-end encryption for its free users


Free tier has limits for 3 or more participants

#3. Google Duo

Google Duo is a Google video call app masterpiece available all conventional operating systems. The application has fun features, easy to use, and is absolutely free and therefore making a convenient option to connect with family and friends. It has, however, a user limit for only 8 persons.

google duo video chat

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac via Web


Unlimited video calls

Allow for message recording

Cross-platform functionality

Use end-to-end encryption


Absolutely free

Simple interface

Easy and fun to use


Limited to 8 participants per video call

#4. FB Messenger

The FB Messenger is a remarkably trusted free video chat app across the globe. For Facebook lovers, FB messenger allows you to connect with Facebook friends. The app is more of a social app than a business app. It has awesome stickers, emojis, and reaction comments.

chat via facebook messenger

Compatibility: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac via Web


HD video quality

Comprehensive art and video effects

Support up to 50 participantson every video call


Fun filters

Very easy to use

Available for all software systems


A Facebook account is required

#5. Discord

By default, it is an all-time gaming-related video chat app that makes it easy for die-hard gamers to interact. If you love gaming, you should try out this app, especially if you love streaming live games with your gaming friends. It lets live stream video quality to 1080p/60 fps just for free.

discord video chat

Compatibility: Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and Web


Custom emojis & avatars

Ability to create private channels

Up to 10 video call usersand 50 while streaming


Great for gaming

Have a smooth running


Lack more work-friendly features

#6. WhatsApp

It is one of the most commonly downloaded messaging and video chat app in the world today for it easy to join; you just need a work phone contact. Apart from messaging, WhatsApp has a robust video calling feature. You use it to connect friends, family, and business partners. It has maximum free users of 50 persons.

use whatsapp to chat

Compatibility: Android, iOS, and Windows


Support voice calls

Video calls are free

Support document and media files sharing


It is free

Easy to join and use

Have end-to-end encryption


Only mobile app users have access to video chat

#7. FaceTime

Compared to Android users, iPhone users have fewer live video chat applications, and FaceTime happens to be one of the best video chat apps for them. It is, in fact, one of the pioneer video call applications.

facetime video chat

Compatibility: iOS, and Mac


Have a voice call component

Have fun and useful features

Allow up to 32 people on a single call


High-end video quality calls

It is built into every Apple device

Allow for many users, unlike most video chat apps


Only accessible on iOS devices

#8. Marco Polo

Popularly referred to "video walkie talkie," Marco polo is a favorite video chat app for "busy" persons. Using the app, you can record a video call message and send it to a group chat, especially when your prospect call is occupied, meaning you cannot engage in real-time interaction. It saves all the messages for future reference and memories.

marco polo

Compatibility: Android and iOS



Doesn't set any call length limits

Support up to 200 video call participants


Easy to use

No third party ads

End to end encryption


Only work with mobile users

#9. Snapchat

Unlike most video chat application, Snapchat is profoundly dominated by teenagers. It has even beaten Facebook due to its popularity. If you are a teenager, then you should consider trying out Snapchat. It provides you with an opportunity to meet and video chat with strangers; that sounds pretty amazing for teenagers.


Compatibility: Android and iOS


You can start visual parties

Ad support content is available

Video clips sharing is possible

Awesome video filter features


It is popular

Easy to use

Best in expressing yourself


Lack professional touch

#10. Houseparty

Launched in 2016, Houseparty is a video chat with strangers app that ensures that you virtually hang out with friends, relatives, and even strangers at your room's comfort. You can enjoy playing games like Heads Up or even gatecrash chats with other people.

houseparty video chat

Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS


Have great games

Easy recording

Support up to 12 participants

Make multiple video-chatting using a split-screen


Ability to connect with new people

It has so many fun activities etc. games


One might end up in the wrong room of strangers

No end-to-end encryption

#11. Slack

Slack is a perpetual office video chat app and a one-on-one communication platform. The application is designed to enhance collaboration and team within an office setting. It works to collaborate different apps to make it much more effective e.g., Google Drive or Dropbox. The free version allows for only one-to-one. You will need to pay if you want to do call a group.

use slack to chat

Compatibility: MacOS, Linux,Android, Windows and iOS


Compatible with other tools

Support up to 15 participants

Heavily encrypted and hence secure


Available for most operating systems

It has a corresponding messaging feature


It is expensive

#12. Instagram

It is a popular media file social media platform where you share photos and video clips. Here you can enjoy and follow your favorite celebrities, public figures, friends, and family. Besides, Instagram has a live video chat feature that allows you to call and connect with your friends. You can go live with your friends too.


Compatibility: MacOS, Linux,Android, Windows and iOS


Allow for only four users at a time

Allow multitasking while on a call

Have additional features, such as messaging and posting


It is free

Strict privacy

It is very popular

Appealing interface


Overwhelming ads

Fewer features on the Web

# How to Record Video Chat - Joyoshare VidiKit

Most of the above video chat applications will not have your video conversation recorded for future reference. Well, that is why we will introduce you to a corresponding screen recording application to help you with that. The Joyoshare VidiKit - Screen Recorder is a professional program available for Windows and Mac users. It helps you capture meetings proceed or even conversation moments with your friends and family. Don't worry. Your recording will never be abruptly interrupted by a time limit, and there will be no lag.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit:
joyoshare vidikit mp3 recorder
  • Record Zoom meeting, Skype video chat and more
  • Sounds both from microphone and system can be captured
  • Record for a long time without duration limitation
  • Schedule start time and end time in advance
  • Keep video in different format at 1080p with no lag
  • Step 1Install and Launch Screen Recorder

    Double click the icon to launch Joyoshare VidiKit. Access this video toolkit, find and open "Screen Recorder" tool. The main interface will appear on your desktop as below.

    open joyoshare screen recorder
  • Step 2Select Recording Area

    Under the "Record video and audio" mode, click the "+" button in the capture area. A recording window will display. Adjust the recording scale by moving the window to your preferred recording area.

    adjust recording area
  • Step 3Customize Recording Settings

    Now click the "Options" button to customize your preferred output video or audio format and cursor effect. To capture video chats, meetings or sessions as plan, you can set a scheduled task to record. Or check other options as needed.

    change recording settings
  • Step 4Start to Record Video Chats

    Simply click the "REC" option on your screen to start recording. You're given 3-second countdown to make possible further adjustment of the capture area. Then Joyoshare VidiKit records the video chat on your computer and you can snapshot, cut or pause at any time.

    begin to record video chat
  • Step 5Preview and Manage Recorded Video/Audio

    To finish recording, click on the "stop" icon. You can preview the recorded files on the History window. Here you can change the name and preview to decide whether to trim the file.

    check recordings

How to Pick Up the Best Video Chat App?

In fact, there are many similar video chat apps available in the market besides the ones listed here. Faced with so many options, you are likely to be overwhelmed and have no idea how to choose the best one, right? You can consider the following questions, but the most important thing is to use it for yourself. Follow the principle of free or free trial apps first, and then buy according to actual needs.

  • What system can this video chat app support?
  • What do you mainly use it for, daily chats or business meetings?
  • What is the maximum number of people this video chat can accommodate at one time?
  • How long do you expect a video chat to last?
  • What is the difference between the free and paid version of this video chat app?
  • Does this video chat app support recording itself?


The aforementioned video chat apps provide you with just what you need i.e., great features, smooth functionality, optimizations, and efficiency in communication. It is up to you now to try them out and make the best choice that suits your needs. At the same time, it is essential that you're able to capture important and memorable memories from your video interactions with your business partners, friends, and family. That why we recommend Joyoshare VidiKit so that you could record video calls on Facebook, Skype, etc. perfectly. It provides you with an opportune chance to capture important video conversations for future reference. It is easy to use, flexible, affordable, and effective.


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