[Solved] How to Record Dead by Daylight

Q: "How Can I record Dead by Daylight?" - Big Chonk from Steam community

Developed by Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight can be run in Windows, Unreal Engine 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS. It is a game that allows online multiplayer to play. One player takes on the role of the aggressive killer, and the other players play as survivors who are trying to escape the killer and avoid being caught. To win the game, some players intend to find a way to record their footage during the game as Big Chonk. Therefore, the following guide will show you how to record Dead by Daylight with two screen recorders.

Part 1. How to Record Dead by Daylight with Joyoshare Screen Recorder

The most effortless way to record Dead by Daylight gameplay is using Joyoshare Screen Recorder. This screen recorder is compatible with Windows and Mac platforms. With its simple interface, you will learn how to utilize it at first glance. It can record all the actions on your desktop, such as movies, music, and online tutorial. You not only can capture Dead by Daylight, but also Clash of Clans, CSGO, PUBG, and so on in high quality.

Beyond that, you can save the gameplay video in any formats, like MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, 4K video, DV, etc. The converted video can be played on different kinds of devices, including the iPad, Galaxy S8, iPhone, Apple TV, Huawei Mate10, and more. As a comprehensive gameplay recorder, it allows you to record the gameplay with or without sound. Also, you can set shortcut keys, preset recording schedule, add watermark, highlight cursor, etc.

Key Features of Joyoshare Screen Recorder:

Record Dead by Daylight gameplay smoothly

Grab audio from the system and the microphone

Capture game with full screen or selected screen

Change codec, frame rate, bit rate, and resolution

  • Step 1Run Joyoshare Dead by Daylight Recorder

    Run Dead by Daylight on your PC. Then run Joyoshare gameplay recorder. Click the "Record video and audio" option to capture gameplay. You can turn on or off audio from the system and your microphone by tapping the corresponding button. For example, if you need to record the game's audio and your team's communication during the game, you need to enable the system audio and microphone audio. Please make sure that an audio input device has been connected to your computer.

    run joyoshare screen recorder
  • Step 2Confirm recording settings

    For further settings, you can tap on the "Options" button at the lower right corner. Then you can customize the "Basic record options", such as format, saving path, and shortcut key. Hitting on the "Format" button to find any format you want to convert. If you wonder to upload your Dead by Daylight gameplay video on social media platforms, you can select "Web Video" > click "YouTube" or other platforms > tap "Ok" to convert the video to the compatible format. After that, the software allows you to set the start and stop time to record the video, highlight the cursor, add an effect on the cursor, and more.

    confirm preference settings
  • Step 3Select the capture area

    In this step, you can choose to record the gameplay in full screen or customize the size by tapping on the "Select Area" option. Then you are able to move the frame and drag it to the size that you need. Inputting value under the "Capture Area" to change the recording region is feasible. Besides, you can select the presetting size from the drop-down menu.

    adjust recording area
  • Step 4Start recording Dead by Daylight

    Now, you can start to capture Dead by Daylight by hitting on "REC". Then you can trim and skip the unnecessary parts by clicking the "Pause" button and the scissors icon. Once you finish the recording, you can click "Stop" and the recorder will automatically save the video.

    start to capture dead by daylight

Part 2. How to Record Dead by Daylight Gameplay with NVIDIA ShadowPlay

NVIDIA ShadowPlay is a professional gameplay recorder. It can help you record gameplay on your Windows computer, which has modern NVIDIA graphics. In other words, firstly, you need to check whether your computer can run ShadowPlay or not. To do it, you can visit NVIDIA' website. Then see the list of NVIDIA graphics hardware that supports ShadowPlay. If your PC meets the demand, install the software on your computer.

record dead by daylight with shadowplay

Step 1: Install NVIDIA ShadowPlay. To get it run, you need to launch the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application and tap on the "ShadowPlay" button at the top right corner. Open Dead by Daylight;

Step 2: Click the button at the left of ShadowPlay window. Then you will see a green light appear;

Step 3: ShadowPlay has two modes - Shadow mode and Manual mode. When you press "Alt + F10" on the keyboard, "Shadow mode" will record your gameplay and keep the last five minutes. Under the "Manual mode", you can press "Alt + F9" to manually record a clip on Dead by Daylight. Pressing "Alt + F9" again to stop the recording;

Step 4: Finally, you can find the recordings in a default folder or a folder that you preset.


The above introduces 2 Dead by Daylight gameplay recorders as well as shows you how to record Dead by Daylight via them. If your PC doesn't have high configuration, you are suggested to use Joyoshare Screen Recorder, which occupies small CPU to capture gameplay without a time limit. However, if you run a fast enough Windows computer, you can use ShadowPlay.


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