Joyoshare VidiKit (Video Toolkit)

  • Record screen, audio, webcam, gameplay and specific windows
  • Built-in video editor to crop, subtitle, adjust speed, effect, and more
  • One-stop solution to cut, merge, compress, convert, and repair videos
  • Support 240 FPS and 1080p/4K high-resolution video output

Best SWF to MP3 Converter to Try

Unless you are a content creator that works with adobe animations, there is a low chance you have come across the SWF file extension before. SWF or Small Web Form is an Adobe flash extension containing text and media files published on web pages such as small animation, multimedia players, and banners. Although it is a flashy way of creating and storing media files, it is not a common file extension like MP3. Also, most people want to convert the sounds on SWF files directly to audio, and MP3 is convenient. This article will introduce the top SWF to MP3 converter on major platforms.

swf to mp3 converter

Part 1. SWF to MP3 Converter for Mac and Windows

Firstly, consider an SWF to MP3 converter on a Mac/Windows platform if you look for easy operation and accessibility to many features. Among available options in the market, Joyoshare VidiKit - Video Converter is recommended. It can convert several media types, including videos, audios, and DVDs. It supports nearly all media formats, runs fast speed and ensures original quality. For people who desire efficiency and productivity, it allows you to convert files into batches with a single click.

Key Features of Joyoshare VidiKit
joyoshare vidikit
  • Batch conversion makes it more efficient
  • Keep lossless quality of target files
  • Work for the different file formats
  • With optimized acceleration technology to convert at 60X speed
  • Intuitive UI and easy operation to convert SWF to MP3

Part 2. SWF to MP3 Converter for Linux

For Linux users, there are also many free SWF to MP3 converters you can choose from. However, the best SWF to MP3 converter Linux tool we recommend is FFmpeg. Although from the name, the SWF to MP3 conversion seems only for MPEG, it is compatible with other formats. FFmpeg is a multi-functional tool on Linux that allows you to record, compress, convert and stream any media files.



Can convert to several formats

It contains several editing features

Available across platforms


Require a learning curve using the command lines to convert SWF to MP3

Not suitable for beginners

Not easy to find communities on how to use the converter

Part 3. SWF to MP3 Converter for Android/iOS

Android and iOS users enjoy a certain level of freedom in SWF to MP3 converting due to many applications. Generally, the mobile operating system is common for easy-to-do converting, although it may lack the heightened functionality needed by pros. However, File Converter developed by Ice Cold Apps imbibes both attributes, delivering an efficient and feature-oriented converter on Android and iOS. It's able to convert video, audio, image, ebook, CAD, document and more.

file converter ice cold apps


Support for more than 2000 source formats

With different converters into one

Change codec, rotate and stabilize videos


Cannot convert DRM-protected files and password-protected documents

Part 4. SWF to MP3 Converter Online

For the easiest access, the online platforms are the best. However, they lack a bit of functionality. Of the many converters available, CloudConvert and Convertio are the most common.

  • 1 CloudConvert

    CloudConvert is an online platform that is free and accessible. It allows you to convert SWF to MP3 on the fly and change parameters such as bitrate, channels, volume, etc. The converter also allows trimming the audio so you can target the part of the audio you want.



    Ease of operation with no downloading

    Can convert to several formats

    It allows trimming


    They do not have many editing features

    Not suitable for pro-editing

    You need internet connection for it to work

  • 2 Convertio

    Convertio is a file converter compatible with a wide range of files in different categories e.g., documents, pictures, and media files. It is a free platform you can use with to convert SWF to MP3 and allows custom settings where you can choose parameters such as quality, aspect ratio, and codec.



    Upload files from Dropbox, Google Drive and local folder

    Complete conversion in 3 steps

    Support cutting, changing volume, and customize parameters


    There is a size limitation of 100MB

    Limited editing features

    You need Internet connection for it to work


Converting SWF to MP3 might be a little challenging without the right converter. Choosing the right application depends on the platform you are using. We only show some of the popular SWF to MP3 converter software in this article, and surely you can find whatever you like in the market. Don’t forget to give it a try first if it comes of features to unlock with payment.


Joyoshare VidiKit

Complete video toolkit combines recording, conversion and editing


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