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Top 8 MKV to AVI Converter You Can Trust

"I have several videos in MKV format on my computer and searching for a tool to convert them into AVI." Unfortunately, these questions are common, and people end up using the Internet to find the best MKV to AVI converter to convert their videos. The file formats are popular and used by several devices. However, MKV is not compatible with smartphones because of its high-quality output. With the help of video converter, you can reduce the file size without changing the resolution and losing the quality. Today, you will learn about the different tools you can use to convert MKV videos into AVI format.

mkv to avi converter

1. Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit - Video Converter is the best MKV to AVI converter. It is an expert in its field and capable of converting any video file into any format. The robust mechanism allows you to convert at 60X speed and in a single batch to save time. Additionally, you can save the original quality output. It supports multi-track files, 4K UHD conversion, merging, and has a built-in media player.

It has an impressive interface and makes even a newbie navigate across the software with ease. Likewise, you can click the convert button, choose the file, change the output settings, and wait until the process is complete.

joyoshare mkv to avi converter


Converts at 60X speeds

Allows to convert MKV to AVI

Supports all video formats, including UHD

Retains the original quality of a file

Rips DVDs, ISO images, and DVD folders

Allows to customize the parameters


The free version has limitation in conversion length

2. DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter is a free MKV to AVI converter and delivers professionals results each time you use it for conversion. It supports all formats, including cell phones. You can download the beta version to test its functionality and learn how simple it is to make a video file formats conversion from one format to another.

The other benefit of using the software is its ability to convert videos using the Internet. It may sound naive, but it is useful in different ways for everyone when it comes to practice. The excellent conversion speed reduces the conversion time and allows you to complete a task with ease.

dvdfab video converter


The software converts at a faster rate

It is easy to select a file of any format

The software supports H.265 and 4k videos

You can customize the parameters according to the requirement

It is available for Windows and Mac


The demo version has limitations

Yearly and lifetime subscriptions are expensive

3. Movavi Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter helps you change the file format of a video in a few simple steps. This MKV converter to AVI format is reliable and offers enough tools that keep you busy. In addition, the video conversion speed is decent and does the job without losing quality.

The library in the software has more than 175 conversion profiles, which makes it easy to convert a file. You can choose for smartphones, gaming consoles, televisions, set-top boxes, and more. Moreover, the editing features enable you to customize the file after selecting a profile for conversion. Movavi ensures to keep the file in limited file size without much compression.

movavi video converter


Has an excellent user interface

Converts videos at faster speeds

Does not hamper the original quality

Supports hundreds of file formats

It is easy to navigate around the interface


Cannot download videos online

Cannot burn videos to DVDs

4. Any Video Converter Pro

The best MKV to AVI converter helps you change the file format without tampering with the original quality. Any Video Converter Pro is one such software that comes to your assistance. With support to over 100+ video formats, the tool quickly converts to the required output based on the parameter setting that you can alter.

An interesting feature of the tool is its ability to convert online videos without downloading. The conversion further supports URLs, making it simple to save your favorite online video in a file format that you like. You can use the built-in DVD burning feature to save copies.

any video converter ultimate


It supports massive input file formats

You can add effects before converting the video

The converter operates on systems that use either Windows or macOS


It will ask you to purchase AVC Pro after conversion

It will install additional software during the initial software setup

5. Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is helpful for those seeking professional results from a free converter. This MKV to AVI converter free tool allows you to upload a video file of MKV and convert it into AVI without losing the original quality. Additionally, you can make necessary changes before conversion to the video. The software is further capable of downloading and altering streaming clips according to the need.

Before using the conversion tool, you can cut or trim the video according to the requirement. Thus, you can avoid an additional editing tool. As using the software is easy, you do not require prior knowledge about video editing.

freemake video converter


It supports different file formats

It burns directly to DVDs

You can merge videos

You can import subtitles


The conversion speed is very slow

The software updates without any intimation

6. VLC

VLC is a famous media player. However, people who use it extensively do not know that it also possesses the ability to convert videos. VLC MKV to AVI video converter functions efficiently and helps you transform the existing video file into AVI in a few simple clicks. In addition, you can make necessary changes to the video before continuing with the conversion procedure.

The best part is the ability to search for ID3 tags and album covers. Converting a video file is a simple process in VLC media player. You can click the convert button under the "Media" tab and select the file. You can then choose the output format, selecting destination, and also add a subtitle.

vlc converter


It has a straightforward user interface

It has all the editing tools

You can control it using keyboard shortcuts

It has a built-in equalizer

It is compatible with OS X


You cannot tag files

You cannot customize the interface

You must open files from respective folders

7. HandBrake

HandBrake is an open-source platform and functions on Windows, Ubuntu, and macOS. The MKV to AVI converter free tool gives you complete control when you want to convert a video to a different file format. You can select the needed preset and start converting a video if you have no prior experience. Likewise, if you have experience, you can make changes to the settings according to your requirement.

You can achieve instant results by loading the required video and selecting any one of the readily available presets. You can additionally customize the settings based on the requirement that helps you enhance the video.



It is open-source software and is available for free

It provides advanced controllers to users

It can also process Blu-ray

It has preset for Android and iOS


It is difficult for beginners

The GUI is messy

8. Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is an MKV to AVI converter online tool. You can use it to change the file format without the need to download and install the software. The best factor about the online tool is that you can access it from any web browser. The program supports over 40 formats and has all the essential tools to perform editing.

When you are in a hurry and like to convert a video on-the-go, opting for the Online Video Converter is your best bet. However, you must ensure steady Internet to upload the video, make changes, and then download the converted video.

online video converter


The online converter supports over 40 different file formats

It has all the editing tools for a better output

You can transfer videos from cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive

It has a straightforward layout


The free version has limitations


Desktop MKV to AVI converter offers advanced features and support when compared with free and online programs. The reason is because of the algorithm, which delivers high-quality output and retains the original specifications of the video. Moreover, opting for the desktop version is ideal for converting large files regularly. Sure, to get a quick solution, online video converter is appreciated. So, choose the perfect software and start converting!


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