Q:"Does anyone know how to combine ISO files to make a single ISO? I have a bunch of ISO files that are downloaded separately. Any advice will be useful. Thanks!" - User from Anandtech Forum

Based on the above question, take a scenario where you have downloaded multiple video segments that are saved as ISO format and hope to join them to an intact one. In the face with this, what would you do?

Due to the extensive development of technical software, you may simply find out a desktop tool to achieve this. But how exactly do you choose a reliable yet professional joining program? To know it, please peruse this article, which collects 2 desktop video joiners and 2 online video mergers.

Part 1. How to Combine ISO Files with Joyoshare Video Joiner

Why recommends Joyoshare Video Joiner among numerous desktop merging tools to combine ISO files? First and foremost, it is an overall joining program that supports a wide variety of file formats, such as ISO, VOB, MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, M4A, M4V, OGG, etc. Not only that, it also transfers video/audio files to various formats and even converts them to be compatible with many devices. What else makes it gain popularity is the poweful and advanced merging features. With the help of it, losslessly joining unlimited files into one and customizing files with cool effects will be a breeze. About the video joiner, the above is not all. Other features you may apply are listed below.

Main Features of Joyoshare Video Joiner

Easily extract audio from any videos

Work well with all kinds of file formats

Be applicable to both Windows and Mac

A combination of joining, cutting, editing features

Quickly merge ISO files without the risk of quality loss

Support previewing, renaming files, and adjusting order of files

Feature high-speed mode and encoding mode to satify different needs

Step 1Run Joyoshare Video Joiner and add ISO files

The first thing to do is finishing the installation of Joyoshare Video Joiner on your computer. Next, it is time to add your ISO files. The program offers two ways to do it. One is simply dragging files to the designated position. The other one is to hit on "Open File" to choose them from your local files.
add iso files to the program

Step 2Select a mode to merge ISO files

After inputing ISO files to the program, then you should tap on "Format" to choose a merging mode and an output format. To join ISO files with original quality, please pick the high-speed mode. Suppose these files need to be edited, just choose the encoding mode. By the way, users selecting the encoding mode have the right to customize the output format by clicking a gear icon.
choose merging mode and output format

Step 3Cut ISO files

When returning to the first interface, you could preview these video files. If you find something unpleasant, just move the timeline to remove it. Besides, renaming and rearranging files are allowed at this time.
cut iso files

Step 4Edit ISO files

This step is not for every user but for those who merge files using the encoding mode. If you are one of them, now you can press on "Edit" to customize your ISO files. For example, you are allowed to trim/rotate them, adjust aspect ratio, add visual effects, insert subtitles and unique watermark, and more.
edit iso files

Step 5Combine ISO files

The last thing to do is just touching the "Convert" button. Then Joyoshare Video Joiner will start merging your ISO files. Once done, the merged ISO file can be found in the local file.

Part 2. How to Merge ISO Files with Kate's Video Joiner

Kate's Video Joiner is a free and simple-to-use joining program only available for Windows. It is designed to join multiple video files of same and different format into a single video. What's more, it well supports a range of formats covering DVD, AVI, WMV, MOV, DIVX, 3GP, and many other. Of course, a visualized interface also characterizes it. For beginners to combine ISO files, Kate's Video Joiner is a great choice with the exception of Joyoshare Video Joiner.

kates video joiner
Step 1: Firstly, you need to download and install Kate's Video Joiner on the computer and then to open it;
Step 2: Afterward, import your ISO files by clicking the "Add" button;
Step 3: Once all ISO files are uploaded, you can preview them and later need to choose an output format;
Step 4: When every part is set up, tap on "Join". In a moment, your ISO files are merged seamlessly.

Part 3. The Introduction of 2 Online Video Joiners

After knowing how to combine ISO files on desktop, you will learn the other two video mergers in the below section to mix ISO files together online.
The fact remains that online tools make video merging much easier even if they might take limited features. For some who have no strict requirement on joining files, an online video merger is wholly satisfied.


Kapwing is definitely a creative online video editor, which provides various utilities to combine videos, trim videos, loop videos, add audio/image/text to video, crop GIF/photo, and so on. Its UI is friendly. You can easily drag and drop your ISO files to it or upload files by pasting links. If necessary, before merging you are able to edit your files like adjusting aspect ratio, choosing background color, etc. Note that it is a paid web service.


Aside from Kapwing, another online video merger to be mentioned is called WeVideo. It is not only a video merger but also a video editor. After all, besides combining, it has the ability to personalize files with all motion effects, green screen, and more as well as making videos on any platform including Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and mobile. Plus, it is simple to use and supports a large number of file formats. If you do not mind it will cost you some, WeVideo is a nice choice in merging ISO files.


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