MKV, an open-standard multimedia container and file format, can hold an infinite number of videos, audios, pictures or subtitle tracks in one file. If you frequently download videos from the Internet, then it is a high chance that you have come across this file format a lot. Even though the emergence of MKV is a great subversion for the encapsulation format of traditional media files, you still face the situation where you need to seek for a program to combine MKV files when you want to get several separate MKV video files together. Accordingly, this instructive tutorial presents two comprehensive video joiners - Joyoshare Video Joiner and Boilsoft Video Joiner to you.

Part 1. How to Combine MKV Files via Joyoshare Video Joiner

When it comes to video joiner, the first video joining program that calls to mind should be Joyoshare Video Joiner if you have a thorough understanding of it. As a video combining tool, it not just covers merging function but also puts both editing and cutting features together. Furthermore, this video joiner gives full support to input and output video/audio format of sorts, such as M4V, MP4, MOV, MKV, MP3, M4A, FLAC, and so on. As it should be, directly transferring these files to your device (iPhone/iPad/Apple TV, etc) can be done with it as well.

The Advantages of Joyoshare Video Joiner

Extract audio from any videos

Can join MKV files with no quality loss at 60X speed

Support to rearrange videos in the sequence you want

Offer high-speed mode and encoding mode to join videos

Allow to trim video, apply effects, add watermarks and subtitles

Step 1Add MKV files into Joyoshare Video Joiner

Download and install Joyoshare Video Joiner on your computer. Then you need to put the MKV files into the program by directly dragging the files to the certain position or opening your local files to select.
video joiner main interface

Step 2Choose merging and output format

Next, tap on "Format" to confirm a mode to merge videos. Two modes are offered to you to choose from. The high-speed mode is to quickly merge videos of the same format with the original quality. Another encoding mode works to customize videos like adjusting frame rate and resolution.
choose merging mode and output format

Step 3Remove unwanted content from videos

After choosing, just click "OK" to get back to the main interface. In case there is something unnecessary in your videos that needs to be deleted, you may move the timeline to realize it.
cut videos

Step 4Edit videos

You can touch "Edit" to edit the MKV files when you choose to merge them by using encoding mode. In the "Edit" window, you can make video trimmed, adjust aspect ratio, add watermarks and subtitles, and more if needful.
edit videos

Step 5Combine MKV files

Once everything is set properly, it is time to join MKV files with the "Convert" button. It will take you a little time.

Part 2. How to Combine MKV Files with Boilsoft Video Joiner

One of the best alternatives to Joyoshare Video Joiner is Boilsoft Video Joiner. As same as Joyoshare Video Joiner, Boilsoft Video Joiner is also an excellent video merging program to combine multiple video clips into a complete video. Similarly, it is developed with two merge modes including "Direct Stream Clone" and "Encode Mode".

The former only supports same-type files joining without quality loss. Get a word here, the supported file formats with this mode is limited. The latter supports combining any format files together, which may reduce the video quality because of the video transcoding process. However, quality loss can be minimized by adjusting the coding settings. By the way, scrambling and rearranging the video segments can get realized with it. The following are the easy instructions to merger MKV files with it.

boilsoft video joiner
Step 1: Install Boilsoft Video Joiner on the computer and run it;
Step 2: Tap on "Add File" to add MKV files to the program or drag them straight;
Step 3: Then click on "Merge" to choose merging mode;
Step 4: After choosing, press "OK". Then the merging process will begin. Once it is completed, you can find the combined MKV files in the file folder you choose.


The above video merging tools are the best video joiners. Through reading the detailed descriptions, you must have known something about them. As for which one you choose to combine MKV files, it all depends on your own demands. However, a note of caution: Joyoshare Video Joiner suits you more if you would like to customize your videos as Boilsoft Video Joiner does not feature with the editing function.


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