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Top 9 Best MKV Converter in 2024

Compatibility with different players is an issue that people face with MKV files due to the video output format not being a standard/generally-accepted video output format. MKV files are playable on popular video players such as VLC and GOM Player. However, some video players are not compatible with it. Hence, they can't play it. When you are faced with MKV files not being played on several video players, the proper solution is to convert the files to a compatible video output format. To do this, you need an MKV converter and below are 9 best conversion tools spread across different devices you can use for the process.

mkv converter

Part 1. MKV Converter for Windows and Mac

1Joyoshare VidiKit

Joyoshare VidiKit - Video Converter allows easy conversion of videos to different output formats such as WMV, MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG and the like. This tool is popular for its unmatchable speed, reaching up to 60X speed. More than that, it well supports MKV files with multiple tracks and subtitles so that you can freely switch whichever you want. There is even built-in video editor to let you refine your file by applying effects, adjusting saturation, rotating, flipping, trimming and more.

joyoshare mkv converter
Convert MKV with a fast 60X conversion speed
Offer an inbuilt video editor for polishing video files before conversion
Batch mode allows simultaneous video conversion
Support nearly all video and audio formats, even customizing parameters
Convert not just videos but also audios and DVDs
Free trial limits conversion duration
Supported OS:
Windows and Mac


HandBrake is an open-source, free MKV converter for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is stable, flexible, and secure. It has many presets that make video conversion straightforward. Users love the software because it supports batch processing, making conversion efficient. Although powerful, Handbrake has an unfriendly user interface which can be intimidating for people new to the software. Also, it can only convert to MP4 or MKV output format.

Have a wide range of compatible video output formats
Support video conversion and DVD ripping
It allows batch conversion
Interface is not user-friendly
It is built for professionals
Supported OS:
Windows, Linux, and Mac


FFmpeg is another open-source MKV file converter people use because it grants users better control during conversion. It is a popular tool that is compatible with different output formats. Also, it’s useful to transcode both common and uncommon media files for you. While functional, FFmpeg is made for pure professionals and is not suitable for newbies. This is due to the need to understand the command line used for control.

It supports many formats
Include encoders and decoders for many media files
Require learning a command line
It is sophisticated
Supported OS:
Windows, Linux, and Mac

4Xilisoft MKV Converter

Xilisoft MKV Converter is a fast and efficient MKV converter with a load of features. It is compatible with many formats, including MKV, H.264, H.265, MP4, MP3, WMV, XviD, AAC, etc. Aside from being an MKV file converter, it is also a video editor and player. Hence, you can adjust the frame rate, bit rate, and other parameters. You can also extract audio from the video files.

xilisoft mkv converter
Adjust quality, file size and bitrate
Work as a video player and editor
Support NVIDIA CUDA & AMD APP technology
Can be laggy
It has compatibility issues sometimes
Supported OS:

Part 2. MKV Video Converter Online


CloudConvert has a simple and user-friendly interface. Hence you can easily use it for converting MKV files. The online free MKV video converter is also suitable for converting documents and pictures. It allows you to import from your local storage or the cloud. While functional, it is only available online and has size limitations. Such tool can be a good option for those who value accessibility and ease of operation.

cloudconvert file converter
It has preset properties
Simple and user friendly
Quick access with no downloading
It requires an Internet connection
With a limit on the size of MKV video files
Difficult to convert large files


FreeConvert is a video converter compatible with MKV and can convert to different output formats such as MP4, AVI, and WMV. This fast MKV converter can convert up to 1GB of video files. It also allows you to adjust parameters such as screen size, aspect ratio, and bitrate. It gives possibility to import files from your local storage or the cloud.

freeconvert file converter
Adjust parameters such as bitrate, frame rate, channel, etc.
Have editing functions
It is free and easily accessible
Full of ads on the screen


VEED.IO is an excellent online MKV converter you can use to get your device's compatible video format. Aside from being a converter, it is ideal for subtitling and editing. Other features supported by this tool include noise reduction, compression, and transition. The free version is wonderful. However, you can only enjoy the online converter by going premium. video converter
It has many editing features
It avoids slow file transfer
It is cloud-based
It requires an Internet connection
Difficult to convert large files

Part 3. MKV Converter for Android

Media Converter is a popular MKV converter on Android known for its simplicity, lightweight, and ease of use. It has an archaic UI but is easy to use. It supports many video formats, including MKV and can quickly convert to others. You can also convert MKV files to audio formats such as MP3. Media converter allows you to edit the video and change some audio and video parameters such as bitrate, sample rate, and quality.

media converter android
Convert your files on the go
It supports many audio and video formats
Old UI

Part 4. MKV Converter for iOS

MKV Converter, MKV to MP4, is an iOS application that enables you to convert MKV files to several output formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV, and MPEG. It has an excellent conversion quality; it is fast and free. It also has no limit on the size and type of files it is compatible with. You have the right to adjust the video size, bit rate, aspect, and frame rate.

mkv converter mkv to mp4
Configure bitrate, frame rate, channel, etc.
Convert unlimited number of MKV files
It is free and easily accessible
Conversion speed is low to deal with large files


MKV files might not be compatible on some devices. Therefore, you might need to use an MKV converter to convert the video files to other formats such as MP4 or others you like. This article introduced different MKV converters based on different devices you can use. Are you stuck with an unplayable MKV file? Try one of the MKV converters above.


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