[Easy & Fast] Combine MP4 Files Online

MP4 is a popular digital multimedia format, frequently adopted as the video format by video websites. In many instances, users are in need of merging a number of downloaded MP4 videos together on account of various purposes. To achieve this effortlessly, draw support from a modest online MP4 joiner. For the sake of convenience, below collect 4 hot web-based MP4 merger tools to combine MP4 files online as well as demonstrates a desktop MP4 joiner for more flexibility.

Part 1. How to Combine MP4 Files Online

Making use of a network-based MP4 merging tool to join MP4 files online is a doddle. All you need to do is picking up a reliable and suitable online tool. If you wouldn't mess around with selecting tools, directly choose any one from the following. These 4 MP4 joiners are hand-picked after comparison.

  • Online Converter

    To merge MP4 files online without any software downloading and installation, Online Converter is a decent option. It features the capacity to concatenate video clips of various formats like MP4, FLV, MKV, WMV, MOV, AVI, and more. Notice that the admissible max total file size is 200M and no more than 4 files can be merged together with it.

    online converter merge mp4 video

    Step 1: Type this URL: https://www.onlineconverter.com/merge-video into your browser and get into its interface;

    Step 2: Click "Choose File" to add MP4 files. You are not allowed to batch import, just do it one by one;

    Step 3: When all MP4 videos are uploaded, hit on "Merge".

  • Apowersoft

    As an easy-to-use and free online video merger, Apowersoft produces an instant and lossless solution to combine multiple MP4 videos into one file. It's a full-on video joining tool without any extra functions. Just with 3 steps, your MP4 files will be combined seamlessly.

    Note: It doesn't allow batch importing files. And only 5 files can be added at a time.

    apowersoft online video joiner

    Step 1: Get into https://www.apowersoft.com/merge-video-online and click "Add video" to upload MP4 videos;

    Step 2: Re-arrange your MP4 video files by simply dragging and then press on "Start merging";

    Step 3: After processing, save the combined MP4 video into your local file by "Download".

  • Pixiko

    Pixiko is an online toolkit with various amazing tools. It supports merging MP4 video files within 500M without payment and provides you with the editing ability. Besides, with it, you can feel free to adjust the order of each MP4 video prior to starting joining.

    pixiko online video merger

    Step 1: Get access to Pixiko website and go for "Video Merger". Then, select MP4 files to be merged from local folder or straightway drag and drop;

    Step 2: As needed, go to edit your uploaded MP4 videos, such as trim, crop, add text and effects, and more;

    Step 3: Once satisfied, touch "Merge" and wait patiently until the merging process is completed.

  • Movie Maker Online

    Movie Maker Online is a free video editor tool. Not only is it able to join MP4 files online without watermarks and labels but also give permission to freely cut and trim videos, apply effects and transitions, and other basic editing options. Though, compared to this other online tools, its interface is not user-friendly.

    movie maker online

    A quick guide to combine two or three MP4 files with it:

    Step 1: Visit https://moviemakeronline.com/ and upload your MP4 files by dragging or "Add Files";

    Step 2: Do any editing on the MP4 videos with offered tools based on your requirements and choose an output format;

    Step 3: Lastly, touch "Make video". The whole process takes some time without a good network condition.

Part 2. How to Combine MP4 Files on Desktop

Notwithstanding online video joiner tools have advantages of no installation required and easy operation, they are accompanied with a few drawbacks, like single-function nature, Internet dependence, file size limit, compatible formats confined, or others. Therefore, a sought-after and equally simple desktop MP4 joiner - Joyoshare Video Joiner is necessarily recommended here.

Why Choose Joyoshare Video Joiner?

Clean interface with ease of operating

Provide 2 modes to cater to different demands

Have no difficulty extracting audio from any video

Quickly join numerous MP4 files in a lossless manner

Support real-time preview, lossless cut, special effects, subtitles, etc

Freely customize parameters of codec, sample rate, channel, bit rate

Do well MP4, MP3, M4V, M4A, MPEG, MKV, MOV, VOB, TS, FLV, etc

  • Step 1Import MP4 files to Joyoshare Video Joiner

    First of all, start Joyoshare Video Joiner on PC or Mac after installation. Click on "Open File" lying in the lower left corner of its main screen to add your MP4 files. Or, get MP4 files added by way of drag-and-drop.

    start joyoshare video joiner and add mp4
  • Step 2Set up output format

    Then, find and touch "Format" to bring output format window to pop up. You have to determine a merging mode as needed and select a format for the merged video file. Generally, the high-speed mode is suggested if without the demand of editing, which is committed to joining identical media files together at over 60X speed with no sacrifice of quality. Rather, choose the encoding mode that allows changing codec, resolution, frame rate, bit rate, channel, etc of file format and decorating video with editing tools.

    set up output format
  • Step 3Cut unwanted segments off MP4 files

    Tap on "OK" to return to the first interface to preview your MP4 videos when format settings get done. To deal with some needless segments, drag the timeline to remove them with ease.

    cut mp4 files
  • Step 4Edit MP4 files (optional)

    Editing option is not available for everyone, just for users who have selected the encoding mode to merge MP4 video files. They can also trim, crop, rotate MP4, make an adjustment of aspect ratio, include visual and sound effects, create subtitles, embed watermarks, etc after cutting.

    edit mp4 files with encoding mode
  • Step 5Combine MP4 files on desktop

    Last of all, go to "Convert" to activate Joyoshare Video Joiner to join your MP4 video files together into the local folder. By the way, you have the chance to rename and reorder every MP4 video as you please ahead of combining.

    combine mp4 files on desktop


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