8 Best Alternatives to iMyFone Fixppo in 2019

iMyFone Fixppo is one of the most helpful applications you can have on your phone. The primary reason behind this is that the program will help you fix most of the issues that your phone might have. The advantage of this program is that it is simple and straightforward to use. You can also install it easily without the help of anyone. Whenever an issue on your iPhone needs to be fixed, you shall just use this application to fix. The only downside to this application is that it takes time to fix some of the minor problems. This makes it paramount to know the top 8 iMyFone Fixppo alternatives.

#1. Joyoshare UltFix

This is an ideal iMyFone Fixppo alternative mainly because it can fix most of the issues that your iPhone might be having. The design of the app is in a way that it can fix more than 30 kinds of iOS system issues. It works fast where within seconds it shall be able to fix the problems that your iPhone has.

Joyoshare UltFix is designed in a way that it works with just a single tap. It has three simple steps which will fix your iPhone system issues conveniently. It also does not occupy a lot of space on your phone, consequently leaving you space to store other things you might need to save.


Provide three repair modes

Fix over 30 kinds of iOS issues

Compatible with almost all devices

Can cause no data loss


Can take time to fix some problems

joyoshare ultfix apple tv system recovery mac

#2. Dr.Fone - Repair

This is an iOS system recovery software that is designed to work efficiently and fast. It works with all models of iPhone, iPod, and iPad. You can use this particular alternative to iMyFone Fixppo even if you are using it for the first time because all the steps are simple. The design of the app is in a way that you will not lose any data on your iOS device after using the app.

Some of the main reasons why this app is an ideal iMyFone Fixppo alternative include that it does not take a lot of space on your phone. It also has the strength to detect even the minor problems which you would have ignored on your phone. Furthermore, you will be able to see as the app works, and as a result, you can effectively monitor the process.


Very fast

Can work with almost every device

Can not affect the stored data

Easy to use


Take relatively large space

Sometimes it causes lags

wondershare repair

#3. Tenorshare ReiBoot

This app is made in a way that it can fix more than 50 sorts of iOS 13 system issues. The makers of this app have incorporated modern features which make the app very useful. You do not have to worry about losing data because the app working on your phone does not cause data loss.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is a suitable iMyFone Fixppo alternative because it is compatible with almost all modern devices. Using the program is also simple since the steps are straightforward. It will fix even the problems you cannot see since it can detect almost every abnormality on the phone.


A reliable app

Detect even minor issues

Straightforward features

No lags


Can not work with some devices

Some features are slow

tenorshare reiboot

#4. FonePaw iOS System Recovery

On this particular program, you get to enjoy fast and reliable service since it can fix almost all minor issues that might be affecting your iPhone or iPad. The enhanced features of this software are clearly outlined where you do not have to struggle to fix the various problems. The app is compatible with an assortment of devices, consequently making a perfect iMyFone Fixppo alternative.

The app comes in a compressed manner where it shall not take a lot of space on your iPhone. With this, the performance of your iPhone will be enhanced since there will be no delays. Furthermore, downloading and installing this program is simple, which just needs you to go to the official website.


Data is not lost

Be certified to be effective

Work fast

Detect all issues with your iPhone


Complicated steps

You need to update the app every now and then

fonepaw ios system recovery

#5. Primo iOS Repair Tools

This is an ideal iMyFone Fixppo alternative mainly because there are a lot of similarities between the two apps. Among the outstanding features of this app is that it is very reliable and competent. It detects even the minor problems which are commonly ignored by iPhone users.

Primo iOS repair tools come with user-friendly features, which makes it very easy to use. You just need to follow the simple steps to fix any problem that your iPhone might have. The tool is also very fast where within a few minutes it can fix the issues that occur on your iPhone.


Easy to use

Come in a compressed format

Top reliability

Detect even the minor issues


A bit slow

Not compatible with certain devices

primo ios repair tools

#6. PhoneRescue iOS System Recovery

Safety is among the issues that have been given priority in the designing of this program. No data will be lost as the app works to fix the various iOS problem. With just a few clicks, you shall be able to fix the issue of your iPhone without struggling in any way.

Another attribute that makes PhoneRescue iOS System Recovery an ideal iMyFone Fixppo alternative is that the app is simple to download and install. When it is on your iPhone, you do not have to worry about performance because it will not slow your iPhone.


Reliable features

Easy to use

Work with most devices

Fast and effective


You might have a hard time going through some of the features

Can slow down the iPhone

phonerescue ios system recovery

#7. FoneLab iOS System Recovery

This modern app is specially designed to make sure that it can effectively fix any problem that your iPhone might have. Even if you had dropped your device and it is not functioning correctly, this iMyFone Fixppo will be able to fix the errors within a short time.

FoneLab iOS System Recovery is compatible with an assortment of gadgets. You just need to download and install the program on your iPhone. Usage is effortless, where you just need to follow the simple steps. Furthermore, even if you are using it for the first time, you shall not have any difficulties.


Optimally reliable

Detect even the minor issues

Compatible with an assortment of devices

Take a short time to detect issues


Usage requires specialized skills

You need to have the right device

fonelab ios system recovery

#8. TunesKit iOS System Recovery

The fast speed of this program makes it very reliable when it comes to fixing different issues that your iPhone or iPad might have. It has been rated as a suitable iMyFone Fixppo alternative because of its top quality features. These include being very to use where you just need to follow the simple guideline.

To confirm that TunesKit iOS System Recovery has superior features, you are given a free trial before buying so that you can see how it works. It does not erase any data from your device when it is working since it just fixes the faulty tools.


Straight forward features

Data is not lost

You do not need to be experienced

Can be used with almost every modern device


A little slow

Might miss some problems

tuneskit ios system recovery


It is evident that all eight programs qualify to be suitable alternatives to iMyFone Fixppo. All that you shall need is to go through the apps and choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. Therefore, with this information, you are more empowered to select the best iMyFone Fixppo alternative.


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