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Top 5 Free Audio Joiners on Windows 10

At present, many people have a habit to save audio files on computer. As time passed, the files are cumulative. For example, you have some speeches, which your close friends addressed on every party you ever took part in. Some people want to merge some audios with the same types into one. To achieve that, you can rely on some tools. In this passage, I will introduce 5 free software on win 10 for you.

Part 1. 5 Best Online Freeware to Combine Audios

#1 Clideo

Clideo is a free audio merger. You can add multiple files at the same time. It is easy to use with simple surface. It supports to cut audio files and add a crossfade effect.

clideo joiner
Steps to combine audios:
Step 1: Click the Choose files button
Step 2: Click the Add more audios/ Add more files button
Step 3: Choose the output format
Step 4: Click the Merge button
Step 5: Click the Download button


Support to cut the audio files

Join audios with different formats into one

Additional features: add a crossfade effect to it

Support 15 formats


The speed to download file is slow

#2 Joiner

Audio Joiner is another web-based freeware. It also provides the crossfade option to achieve smooth transition between two audio files. But you cannot cut the audios via this tool.

audio joiner
Steps to join audio files:
Step 1: Drag files or click The Choose Files button
Step 2: Select the format you need
Step 3: Change the file name if necessary
Step 4: Click the Merge Audio button
Step 5: Click the Download Your File(s) button


Support to change your file name

Support to select from URL


Slow joining and downloading

#3 AudioEditor.Io

AudioEditor.Io ( is an audio joiner with simple functions. It supports different kinds of audio formats, but it can export only one format (MP3). At the same time, cutting audios is impossible. However, it has a special feature that the tools above don't provide. The online tool allows you to play the merged audios before downloading.

audio joiner and editor
Steps to merge audios:
Step 1: Drag or drop files or click to select files
Step 2: Click the Merge button
Step 3: Listen to the joined audios
Step 4: Click the Download button


Easy to use


TSupport only one output format

#4 Audio Joiner: Merge songs online, combine mp3

Audio Joiner, a free software you can use to combine multiple audio tracks into one. You can change their order by clicking the arrow. What's more, you can unlimited audio files without size limit.

merge songs online
Steps to join audio files:
Step 1: Drag or drop audio file
Step 2: Choose the output format
Step 3: Re-arrange the position of these audios
Step 4: Set Start& End time to remove the needless sections
Step 5: Click the Join button
Step 6: Download the combined files


Support to change the order of the tracks

Quick joining


Support only 4 audio types

The downloading is slow

#5 Audio Converter-Merge Audio

Compared with all freeware above, Audio Converter cannot choose several files at the same time. Also, it cannot join more than 4 files and is unable to support to cut files. But its operation is simple. You just need to upload your files, merge them and download the completed file.

online converter to merge video
Steps to combine audio files:
Step 1: Click the Choose File button one by one
Step 2: Click the Merge button to upload your files
Step 3: Click the Download Now button


The uploading is fast


Add one audio file at a time

Support only 4 files to be joined

Limited total file size (200 M)

Note: The tools above all don't need to install. If you like offline software more, I will recommend you an extraordinary tool in the following contents.

Part 2. The Best Audio Joiner- Joyoshare Video Joiner

Joyoshare Video Joiner is a professional tool with many functions, including merging, cutting and editing. It is totally compatible with Windows 10 and supports multiple popular formats. You can merge audios with various formats into one. You can also remove the parts you don't need before combing. Most important of all, joining audio files is a lossless deed. At the same time, you can take it easy that your data is in high security. What's more, you can complete your emerging immediately. In addition, you have 5 free opportunities in trail version. You have all the functions as the formal version. If you just merge audio files several times, this software can be referred as a free one.

The Advantages of Joyoshare Audio Joiner:

Merge at 60X faster speed

Without quality loss and size limit

Play the audio before exporting

High security

Step 1: Drag the audio files or click to select files

Joyoshare Video Joiner supports various audio types. It totally allows you drag several audios with different formats at the same time, including MP3, WAV, OGG, APE, etc.

drag the audios

Step 2: Choose the output format you want to save.

There are two types of main modes:

High-Speed mode (fast and lossless)

Encoding mode (customize file formats and choose the quality you need)

If you select the first mode, then the audio cannot be edited to ensure lossless quality:

choose the output format

Step 3: Trim audio files or add some effect..

Remove the sections you don't like, such as commercials and the repeated parts.

trim audios

Step 4: Export the completed audio file.

If necessary, you can rename the files and re-arrange the order by dragging them. And then click the export button, you will find a window pops up, which means your combined file is completed.

export audios


Program #1 Clideo #2 Audio Joiner #3 AudioEditor.Io #4 Audio Joiner #5 Audio Converter Joyoshare
Merge audio Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy to use Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio output formats 15 14 1 4 1 16
Support crossfade Yes Yes No No No No
Fast uploading speed No Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Cut audio Yes No No Yes No Yes
Edit audio No No No No No Yes
Select file from URL No Yes No No No No
Change the file name No Yes No No No Yes
Fast exporting No No No No No Yes
Play the audio before exporting No No Yes No No Yes
Edit video No No No No No Yes

Conclusion & Suggestion:

All the software what has been discussed above is compatible with Windows 10. Although Online freeware is more convenient than the software needs to download. But these online tools will throw your data in risk. Owing to their web-based characteristic, network can affect the files' uploading, joining and downloading. A downloaded software not only can promise you high data security, but also can merge your audios more quickly. Joyoshare Video Joiner is an amazing tool to combine your music at 60X faster speed. It is different from the other online tools for its inbuilt video editors. Itis not more than joining your audios. As a powerful tool, you can cut, edit and convert your video files. For example, you can adjust your video files' resolution, saturation and brightness. You can preview your work in advance.

Then, what tool above do you like best? Or do you have a better one to recommend to me? Welcome to leave your comments!


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