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In order to help to crop Xvid video files with ease, there are 2 useful and easy-to-use Xvid croppers introduced in this article.

This post expounds 5 web services to show how to remove audio from video online for free and incidentally introduces an easy-to-use desktop tool to get the thing done with more flexibility.

Detailed steps on how to add subtitles with Avidemux are presented in this article. Also, an optimal alternative to Avidemux adds subtitles to video is suggested.

In this article, there are 2 detailed guidelines expounded to look at how to add a watermark in Windows Movie Maker and its best alternative - Joyoshare Video Cutter.

How to add subtitles in Final Cut Pro on Mac? If you are scratching your head over this, this article can save you. It presents detailed instructions to add captions or subtitles to video in Final Cut Pro. In addition, a simple alternative is shared for more options.

Have any idea on how to rotate video with FFmpeg when capturing a video with improper orientation? No worries if you have no clue. This reading details the instructions of how FFmpeg rotate video and shares an easier alternative.

Do you have any idea on how to create square videos for Facebook? In this article, there are 3 ways presented that can be used to make Square Facebook videos on desktop. If needed, keep reading it.

This concise and comprehensive guide expounds on the detailed steps of how to add subtitles in HandBrake. Plus, an optimal alternative to HandBrake to subtitle a video is recommended.

By referring this post, you will be glad to know how to add customized watermark for your own video files online and offline in high quality.

This post looks at how to change bitrate of MP3 in 3 simple ways. If you are having the need of changing the MP3 bitrate to reduce its file size, come and read the article content.

This is a free guide on how to take a picture from a video quickly. There are 3 easy and effective solutions included in it. According to your preference, work with one of them to serve your purpose.

Want to crop black bars off video without any watermark left? Get solutions from this article, which lists 4 watermark-free video croppers to crop video without official watermark attached offline and online.

This comprehensive guide presents how to crop video in Windows Movie Maker. Given that Windows Movie Maker is just available for Windows operating system, we share a simple and powerful alternative - Joyoshare Media Cutter to crop a video without any limitations.

Is it possible to manually change frame rate of video at home? Certainly. In this article, there are 4 different methods that you can use to change your video frame rate with no sweat.

You might be seriously wondering how to brighten a video on iPhone when you shoot the video with iPhone in the dark. To help you rescue your dark iPhone video, this article lists 5 varied solutions to brighten video on iPhone and PC.

Do you know how to rotate a video in Windows Movie Maker? No worries if you have no idea. This article presents the full steps of Windows Movie Maker rotating video, and also shows the alternative for video rotation.

There are detailed instructions presented in this article for Windows users to learn how to add subtitles to Windows Media Player. Considering the limited compatibility, an alternative to Windows Media Player is listed, which can help add subtitles on both Windows and Mac.

This hands-on guide details description of how to add sound effects to iMovie on Mac. For more knowledge, it also gives a full introduction of a Mac iMovie alternative to make it happen with high efficiency.

Have lots of separate audio files on your Windows 10 computer and would like to merge them together? Fine, this post is perfect for you, which recommends 4 practical audio joiners and expounds detailed operation procedures of them.

This article presents 2 step-by-step guides to separately explain how to add music to Windows Movie Maker and its alternative - Joyoshare Media Cutter.