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You can benefit a lot from this post on learning how to add video effect on your own computer. We thoughtfully provide both Mac solution and Windows workaround here for you to utilize.

Is there an easy way to rotate those upsidedown videos shot by my iPhone? Sure. In this article, we have introduced three different methods to rotate iPhone videos simply. Choose one as you like.

There are 2 solutions for you to choose to crop your video files on Mac, using iMovie or its alternative, which are fairly easy to operate.

Are you still having trouble in cropping your video file in Adobe Premiere Pro? That’s just a small case as there are clear steps to guide you in this post. Here we go.

In this tutorial, we introduce two simple methods to rotate or flip a video in iMovie and its alternative, the detailed steps and screenshots included.

So you accidently made a video but it turned out to be in the wrong direction. No worry. This article will give you a good solution to help you rotate your video in the blink of an eye.

A handy video border maker, like Joyoshare Media Cutter, can do you a favor to create a frame for your video file with few clicks.

If you wanna to edit MP3 songs or other audio files, you need an MP3 editor online tool or offline audio editing software. In this article, 2 simple methods have been introduced to edit MP3 music files in a few clicks only.

If you’d like to add background music to your video file, you should have a close look at this post, aiming at helping you create such a unique video effortlessly.

How to rotate a video in Premiere? The guide here will give you a simple step-by-step explanation on the way of rotating or flipping videos in Premiere easily and quickly.

A complete instruction on applying video effect to imported video file in this post can show you clear steps and let you create stylized video without hassle.

Adding a personal-designed watermark can make the video created by you unique, which at the same time can extremely protect your own right. You even don't need to worry about people using your shared video without permission.

A detailed guide is shown here, intending to lead you to crop unnecessary area from designated video files so that you can enjoy it with better visual experience.

In this article, we have reviewed 6 best online video rotators that are able to flip and rotate videos in just a couple of clicks.

Is there anybody can help me rotate an MP4 video file 90 degree right side? No worry! The guide here will help you out.

Have you ever captured a video with your smartphone and only to find that you cannot view it properly? Don’t worry! Here we will teach you how to rotate a video and save it permanently.

Here is the right place that you can get to learn how to edit your MP4 videos on Windows/Mac operating system in a professional way.

Follow the simple tutorial here to learn how to rotate a video in VLC media player with ease, and rotate a video clip in VLC alternative if you like.

Wanna have more choices to process your video files rather than be confined to iMovie? Get to see what alternatives similar to iMovie you may like right now!

Are you in need of opting for a fairly straightforward solution to cut videos on your Mac? Admittedly, it is the common thought for many users. Cheer up! You will find the answer in this post, which helps you to cut videos in iMovie.