10 Best dr.fone Alternatives to Recover Lost Data on iPhone

The Wondershare dr.fone is a data recovery application that helps recover data that is lost either by accidental deletion, after iOS update or the device crashing and/or breaking. This app is very common among iOS users and this is not without reason. It is easy to use and it does more than just data recovery. It helps in data backup and restore, unlocking SIM, recording on-screen activities and system recovery among others. The only problem with dr.fone iOS toolkit is that it is expensive retailing at $99.95. This is why many people look for alternatives to Wondershare dr.fone for iOS. Here are 10 of your best options:

1. Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is the very best dr.fone alternative out there. It is a smart recovery tool that makes it possible to restore lost images, videos, contacts, messages and other contents of an iPhone, iPad or iPod. This app can recover data lost due to deletion, system crash, malware infection, theft and/or damage among others.

There are three ways to recover your lost data using JoyoShare; the dr fone alternative iOS of choice for many. First is directly to the phone which is achieved by connecting the phone directly to a computer. The data will be scanned and restored. The other method is through iTunes backup while the other is iCloud backup. These two are ideal for recovering data from lost or stolen iOS devices.

What data can you restore using this Wondershare dr fone similar software? Many kinds of data on your phone are supported. You can choose to restore all data or choose the specific files you would like to restore. What is more? The recovery of data is done at a very fast rate!

2. iMyFone D-Back

This is not just an alternative to dr.fone for iOS but is a replacement in itself. It supports over 22 file formats including messages, photos, contacts and common apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber and so on. This means that this app will help you recover most of your data in case of any loss.

To recover data using iMyFone D-Back, simply connect the iPod touch, iPad or iPhone, scan and select the data to recover. You can recover data lost dues to deletion, damage to the device, system crash, jailbreak, virus attack or lost/stolen devices. All data is kept safe from being overwritten.

imyfone d back

3. iBackup Extractor

This is an app that prides itself of being able to restore various types of data. With it you can retrieve lost music files, photos, calendars, notes, contacts, messages, voice mails, call logs and data from different applications. iTunes backups can also be restored using this dr.fone Toolkit alternative.

This application will also help you prepare for data loss by creating new backups. To make it easy to access the retrieved files on your computer, iBackup Extractor converts the files into a supported format.

ibackup extractor

4. Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Among the many alternatives to Wondershare, Primo iPhone Data Recovery stands out. It supports 25 document formats. With it you can recover various kinds of data from your iDevice including iTunes backup, messages, contacts, notes et cetera. You can recover these regardless of whether you had a backup in place by the time of data loss or not.

Using this dr fone alternative iOS data recovery software is easy and the recovered data is converted into a format that can be viewed on the computer. The supported devices are iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It supports many devices including iPhone X and iOS 11. Users can restore recovered data to the local computer, cloud storage and even the phone by performing a full restore. Data can be recovered from the device, iCloud or iTunes backup which means no data is ever lost no matter what the reason necessitating data recovery is.

primo iphone data recovery

5. iMobile PhoneRescue

As the name suggests, this dr.fone alternative comes to the rescue in case of data loss. This is made possible by a combination of an intuitive interface and great functionality. iMobile PhoneRescue supports over 14 file types which makes it possible to get back all your data in case of losses. Whether it is that sweet message from sweetheart or photos that hold dear memories, this app will allow you to have them back. Whether your phone was stolen, dropped in a pool of water, failed a system upgrade or any other reason, you will get your precious date back in just a few steps.

imobie phonerescue

6. Omni Recover

With this on your phone you never have to lose any data. It gives one of the best iPhone data recovery plans by Wondershare dr fone similar software. This utility is very easy to use only requiring three steps to restore lost data. You can get everything you had on the phone back from contacts, messages and call logs to calendars and reminders to Safari and Whatsapp data.

No matter what caused the data loss, you will get it back. The chances of getting all lost data back are very high thanks to the advanced algorithm used by this application. It will look deep into the phone's files and pick out what you need and restore it really fast. Actually, it only takes five minutes to restore the entire iPhone's system.

omni recover

7. Vibosoft iDataRescuer

When you have no backup in place, this is the alternative to Wondershare dr.fone for iOS you need to get your data back. It restores data lost due to water damage, crashing, accidental deletion and theft among others. This is made possible by the fact that data can be recovered from the iTunes backup or the phone itself. There are 12 data types supported by this app including music and photos. You can preview all data types before restoring them. You can recover data lost in your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

vibosoft idatarescuer

8. Fonepaw iPhone Data Recovery

What is it that you have lost in your iPhone and would like to recover? Fonepaw iPhone Data Recovery will probably get it for back from your soaked, dead or even lost iPhone. This application supports media files, notes, calendars, messages, contacts and much more. You can use a Windows or Mac computer to get back your data on your phone.

Whether you accidentally pressed the factory reset button, deleted something by mistake, forgot a password or something beyond your control caused the phone to lose its data, Fonepaw will help recover it. Data may be recovered from the physical device, iTunes backup and iCloud backup. This dr.fone alternative iOS software can also help repair any issues with the iOS powering your phone causing it to function maximally.

fonepaw iphone data recovery

9. iFonebox

With a support for up to 16 data types, iFonebox can help you get back most of your lost data. It will help you restore lost iPhone messages, Safari bookmarks, contacts, notes, call history, Whatsapp chats and calendars. This data can be pulled from the device, iCloud backup or iTunes backup. After recovering these, you can choose to transfer them to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

iFonebox also knows that prevention is better than cure. That is why this app allows its users to backup data and the backup can be restored later in case of data loss. It is important to note that only iPhones that are 3/4G enabled, iPod Touch 4 and iPad 1 can be useful in recovering data directly from the device using this app.


10. Leawo iOS Data Recovery

This is a toolkit that claims to have the best data recovery rate. It is capable of recovering contacts, call logs, messages, and videos and so on. All it takes is just three easy steps; connect, scan and recover! Files can all be recovered in one go or one can choose the individual files to restore. These will be retrieved and shown on your desktop. It supports the latest iOS devices including iPods, iPads and iPhones.

Other than what is stored on the device, Leawo iOS Data Recovery can also be used to recover data backed up in iTunes backup. No wonder it is among the top 10 alternatives to dr. fone for iOS.

leawo ios data recovery


There you have the 10 best dr.fone alternatives iOS there are in the market. They are more affordable and do the same job as the Wondershare dr.fone. Some like the Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery are even better at data recovery and restoration. Try the free trial and you will see that Joyoshare is the best free alternative to dr fone iOS.


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