5 Best Spotify Downloaders in 2020

As one of the largest music platforms, Spotify provides free streaming music for users, and to download Spotify music without paid-for subscriptions requires third-party Spotify downloader. In these years, a great number of Spotify downloaders have sprung up, and users may be confused - which one is the best? It is definitely difficult and time-consuming for normal users to answer this question.

Therefore, our team has done some research and concluded a review of the top 5 Spotify downloaders. After reading this review, you will surely gain more insights on how to choose the suitable downloader.

#1. Joyoshare Audio Recorder (Windows & Mac)

Joyoshare Audio Recorder is a powerful and easy-to-use Spotify music downloader. It is able to record from different audio sources, including the Spotify, the microphone or other audio devices. The recorded audio is of enjoyable quality.

This software can easily download Spotify songs or playlists, and then save the music into a dozen formats, such as MP3, AAC, M4A, so that you can play the downloaded offline Spotify music on different platforms or devices. With this software, you can also trim the downloaded music, add sound effects or edit the ID3 tags, which will be automatically identified while downloading.

Last but not least, the software will automatically split the recording tracks when it identifies the silence between songs. Therefore, all you need to do is playing the songs or playlists, and they will be downloaded easily.

For all these reasons, Joyoshare Audio Recorder is the best Spotify downloader.


Download Spotify music with enjoyable quality

Support 16 different audio formats

Powerful built-in editor to customize the downloaded Spotify music

Automatic split function to increase the download efficiency


Not free

#2. Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder (Windows & Mac)

As an reputable paid-for streaming audio recorder, Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is a capable Spotify song downloader. It is able to capture the streaming Spotify music with high quality. Its greatest advantages are that it is able to remove the ads in the music, creating offline files with ad disturbance. Besides, users can use its built-in simple editor to make ringtones.

The drawback of this software is also quite obvious. There are only two formats, which are MP3 and M4A, for users to choose from.


Automatic removal of ads

Create ringtones from downloaded Spotify music

Multiple languages


Support only 2 formats

wondershare auido recorder

#3. Audacity (Windows & Mac & Linux)

As a time-honored freeware, Audacity accumulates a large fan base thanks to its great performance. It is able to record streaming audio from your computer and edit the recordings in a professional manner. There is no denying that it's hard to learn how to use Audacity, especially for the beginners of audio editing and recording. Nevertheless, the amazing potential benefits this software will bring will definitely make your time and efforts pay off. Besides, it's the only recorder that is compatible with Linux in the list.


Free of charge to download music from Spotify

Many useful functions for users to explore

Professional audio editing ability


Require a considerable time to learn how to use it


#4. Spotify & Deezer Music Downloader (Chrome extension)

Never heard of Spotiload before? Then does the name Spotify VK Downloader rings the bell? Both of them have been deleted in the Chrome Extension Store. Now if you want an extension with the same function, search for Spotify & Deezer Music Downloader in the Chrome Extension Store. It may not be able to provide high-quality music or a large selection of formats, but the simplicity and the convenience it brings to your Spotify music downloading experience is so amazing. Just open the Spotify web player, click on the download button beside each song, and the song will be downloaded.

However, it cannot edit the songs, or convert the format, not to mention sound effects.


Free to download

Super easy to use

Download both Spotify music and Deezer music


Only the most basic downloading function

spotify and deezer music downloader

#5. Smart Recorder (iPhone & Android)

With all the last 4 Spotify downloaders being only available on the computer, this tool is designed for mobile devices. Smart Recorder is an app that can record the Spotify streaming music playing on your phone. The recordings are of high quality and can be shared with others through E-mail.

However, you have to record every song from the beginning to the end, which is obviously time-consuming.


Available in iPhone and Android

Sharing the music with others


Low efficiency

smart recorder


In this review, we have introduced 5 excellent Spotify music downloaders, including 2 paid-for downloaders, 1 freeware that is compatible with Linux, 1 Chrome extension and 1 app for cell phones. Each Spotify Downloader has its own features, and you can select the one that suits you the best according to your own demands.


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