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Record ongoing gameplay, video chats, streaming movies, etc. without time limit.

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Do you want to know how to record Diablo 3 gameplay? This article will show you how to do that using 3 tools.

Is it possible to record any ongoing video and audio activities on your Dell laptop? If you are looking for solutions, you might as well check how to screen record on a Dell laptop here.

To help you save the Instagram stories, this instruction shows you how to screen record Instagram story.

Want a 60 FPS screen recorder to record video with audio without frame drops? This list shows you the most popular 7 ones for you to check.

Wonder how to record WOW gameplay on the computer? Here is a post that introduces 5 recorders to help you record World of Warcraft readily.

One of the hidden features of VLC Media Player is that it can be used to record screen activities on your computer. Wandering how? Here we go.

Is it efficient for you to schedule screen recording sometimes? What solution will you take usually? In this post, we show eight different tools to help record screen in a specific time handily.

As a game lover, you must often play World of Tanks, right? This article teaches you how to record World of Tanks with built-in, desktop, and online tools.

Intending to capture no matter what activity is going on your Windows 10, you can kindly refer to this review, which is written to help you to choose best screen recorder for Windows 10.

Do you intend to record the unforgettable moment in Apex Legends? This post will show you how to record Apex Legends with 4 screen recorders.

Is a Discord screen recorder needed for you to record video and audio chats? This review is here to show 8 best tools with detailed features.

Are you looking for a method on how to record Dota 2 gameplay? This complete post will show you how to do that by using three screen recorders.

Is it fun for you to play 3DS on your game console? To save it locally, we’ll tell you how to record 3DS gameplay using a capture card or not.

Are you looking for a way to record Call of Duty gameplay? If yes, here is a post to show you how to record COD (Call of Duty) gameplay without hassles.

This post introduces 12 MP4 recorders to help you capture the screen and save the recording in MP4 format. Each of them has its features.

Are you looking for a method to record GTA V? This post will guide you on how to record GTA V on PC in three practical ways.

This article will teach you up to 9 solutions on how to download Niconico videos so that you could watch them over and over again offline without a Wi-Fi connection.

How to record Crackle movies and TV shows for offline viewing? This article is here to offer you the best solution and share some FAQs to let you learn more.

If you would like to record Tango video calls so that you could keep and share those precious conversations, you could refer to this article. It will show you how to record on Android, iOS, and your computer easily.

Which device do you usually use to enjoy Hotstar videos? How do you download Hotstar videos? Today's article is going to teach you how to do that on computers and mobile phones with ease.