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Wanna Record Screen in QuickTime? Here It Is!

Recording any activity on Mac screen is indeed easy. You can adopt its built-in recording tool, QuickTime, to capture things you want; or simply make use of a compact yet powerful capturing program, like Joyoshare Screen Recorder, to help you.


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Two Popular Methods to Record Gameplay on Windows 10

Thanks to Windows 10 built-in Game Bar, we can easily record the gameplay on computer. For more solutions to capture Windows 10 games, simply read on.


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2 Best Ways to Record Gameplay on PS4

This post provides two most popular methods for you to eeasily capture any gameplay on Playstation 4 with or without capture card.


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How Screen Recorder Enhances Business for Companies

Screen recording software could be important for companies to enhance employee performance. How? Here are the details.


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Easy Guide: How to Record Appealing Videos without Glitches

Feeling annoyed when capturing the computer screen due to the complicated operations of the screen recorder? Read this post to find out the top tips of screen recording to make appealing videos without glitches.


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Useful Tips on Choosing a Best Screen Recording Software

Are you looking for the most appropriate screen recording tool to accomplish a specific screen capturing task but getting nowhere? Don't worry. This post gives you some useful tips that you can consider when selecting the best screen recorder.


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How to Capture a Google Hangouts Conversation Simply

Follow the detailed instruction step by step and you will know how to capture any video and call from Google Hangouts with no quality loss.


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How to Record Desktop Screen with VLC Media Player

One of the hidden features of VLC Media Player is that it can be used to record screen activities on your computer. Wandering how? Here we go.


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The Best Solution to Download Music from Spotify

You can get a big surprise in this post, knowing how to download music from Spotify with no restriction and no quality loss. Hence, there is no problem for you to enjoy Spotify music anytime.


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How to Record Lync Online Meeting

No matter which solution you prefer, third-party software or built-in tool, you can find a complete tutorial here to record Lync online meeting in high quality.


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How to Capture Omegle Video Call in High Quality

It is a pretty funny thing to save a recording and playback a one-on-one chat that you have with strangers from Omegle. We here will list two workable solutions for different operating systems.


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How to Record Videos from Ustream

Select an outstanding recording program so that you are allowed to entertain yourself offline with all kinds of videos shown on Ustream.


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How to Capture Screen in Windows 10

To find an easy-to-operate screen recording tool for capturing Windows 10 screen, you can select no matter which method you prefer, including a third-party program or a built-in app to record any screen activities in Windows 10.


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How to Record Hulu Videos in High Quality

As one of the most outstanding media sharing platforms, Hulu streams all kinds of entertainment videos to satisfy users. Come here to record Hulu videos so that you can enjoy them offline at will.


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Best Solution to Record Remote Desktop Session

There are all kinds of screen capturing programs in market, with which you can record a remote desktop session in high quality and produce it locally for future playback.


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Best Way to Record HBO Go Videos Quickly

In this post, you can follow a quick guide to capture any videos from HBO Go and enjoy recorded files on other device at your leisure time.


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How to Capture Google Earth Video

In order to capture an amazing tour on Google Earth, you can adopt both offline and online recording programs to make it with only few clicks.


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How to Record Adobe Connect Efficiently

That whether you can have wonderful using experience in recording Adobe Connect depends on which method you adopt. To enjoy an Adobe Connect recording in high quality, you can kindly refer to this post.


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Best Solution to Capture Class Lectures

Here comes a decent recording program, called Joyoshare Screen Recorder, which is well designed for capturing class lecture in high quality.


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How to Capture Meeting from Zoom Freely

Attaching much importance to capture Zoom meeting, a wide range of users are learning how to realize it by utilizing proper recording program.


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