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Live videos will disappear when the stream stops. Here will show you how to record Instagram live on PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android so that you can save videos for later viewing.

Wonder how to record lectures to create lecture videos for your students or for better saving? This article shows 4 best solutions now.

Here will show you how to record a webinar using 8 powerful webinar screen recorders, which can help you record meetings to watch them in the future or share them with others.

You can learn how to use 5 different tools to easily record video from website in this article so that you can save your favorite videos and audio from the website you often visit.

Can you screen record on Mac or Windows with audio together? Which way will you use? In this article, we show different solutions, such as Xbox DVR, QuickTime, etc. to make it.

FaceTime helps people connect with their friends and families. So this article will show you how to record FaceTime video calls on iPhone, iPad, and Mac so that you could save some important conversations.

If you want to record Battlefield video games to save short videos of your best game moments, you can read this article to learn how to do that in 4 ways.

Do you have a problem in dealing with ShadowPlay not recording issue? Take a look here to try the 8 best solutions and fix it easily.

It is important to learn how to record Team Fortress 2 gameplay if you want to share your best game moments with others. Here will show you how to do that in up to 4 fast and easy ways.

If you are an anime fan and want to download anime videos, you can read this article to learn how to do that on anime download sites or using video downloaders.

AnyMeeting is another full-featured provider for web conferences. If you want to know how to record AnyMeeting videos, you can read this article to learn the top two ways.

This is an instructional article about how to record Discord audio in up to 12 various ways easily and quickly. Hope that these tools could be useful for every user.

Here we are showing you 4 perfect solutions on how to record PS3 gameplay easily and quickly. Learn it so that it could be easier for you to save and share exciting game videos with your friends.

Would you like to record your drawing process with a speedpaint recorder? In this article, we show solutions, like OBS, QuickTime and Joyoshare VidiKit to help record speedpaints easily.

Wonder how to record browser with OBS? Here is a post to show you how to make it step by step in a fast and easy manner using the Browser source.

Read this article to learn how to download Brightcove video in up to 4 popular and effective ways so that you can save impressive videos for offline viewing and future reference.

Today's article is about how to record gameplay on PC in up to six fast and easy ways. If you'd like to share your gameplay with other players worldwide, you can refer to it.

If you'd like to record a ClickMeeting webinar, you can learn how to do that using the built-in video recorder and a reliable third-party tool respectively in this article.

The question of how to record imo video calls will be answered perfectly in this article, which is going to show you three different solutions in total on iPhone, Android, and computers.

Is recording a meeting in Microsoft Teams what you want? This post is going to show you how to do so on desktop and mobile using the Teams app itself and other screen recorders.