How to Record on YouTube TV - 2021 Guide

Q:"How do you record on YouTube TV?" - Ryan

With popular streaming television service, YouTube TV is a well-known platform to offer live TVs, cloud-based DVR and video on demand. You can have fun by enjoying TV shows you like every day. Other than that, it's possible to record any shows and watch them later on designated devices. If you're a big fan, learn how to record on YouTube TV with us. You will be pleasantly surprised as knowing this little trick can make your TV show entertainment road smoother.

#1 How to Record on YouTube TV [Official Way]

Don't really know how to record a show on YouTube TV? Indeed, YouTube TV comes with a useful DVR (digital video recorder) function to record your wanted programs, not just TV shows, but also movies, love sports and more. It's feasible to initiate recordings while you're watching a program. Importantly, there is no DVR storage space limitation.

  • Add programs to library to view them live
  • Record a show and watch another different one at the same time
  • With no limitation in file storage
  • Capture unlimited TV shows at once
  • Access recorded shows in the cloud anytime and anywhere
  • Only keep recordings for 9 months
  • Need to pay for YouTube TV to get a subscription
  • Record the whole TV show rather than part of it
Step 1: Visit and sign in with your own account;
Step 2: Click on the Search tool in the top right corner to find a TV show you'd like to record;
youtube tv search

Step 3: Select and access the TV show or other program you want in the results page. Hit the "+" option to start recording and adding it to your YouTube TV's DVR;

youtube tv add

Step 4: Head to your YouTube TV account and find "Library". Now choose your recorded TV show to let it play.

#2 How to Record Shows on YouTube TV Alternative

Joyoshare Screen Recorder can be a mighty alternative to help you record different kinds of TV shows on YouTube TV. It simultaneously allows capturing the audio from both system and microphone according to your own needs. It's glad for you to know that this dependable tool doesn't have any recording time limit or watermark. Also, you can handily manage all your recorded shows locally and keep them permanently for playback.

  • Produce high-quality recorded files by recording on YouTube TV
  • Capture online meetings, gameplays, video chats, music, class lectures, etc.
  • Support saving as YouTube compatible format and at desired resolution
  • Cut and skip content, highlight cursor, take snapshots, etc.
  • Come with unlimited video recording length and high-quality output
  • Step 1 Get Joyoshare Screen Recorder Launched

    Based on your computer's operating system, go to the official website to download a compatible Joyoshare Screen Recorder. Follow its prompts to complete a quick installation. Then run the program on your desktop and choose "Record video and audio" mode by clicking the button to the left of the REC.

  • Step 2 Enable System Audio Capture and More Settings

    You certainly need to record both video and audio from your TV shows. In this case, do remember to turn on "System Audio" and deactivate "Microphone Audio" in advance. Now, expand all settings under "Options" to confirm saving location, output format, shortcuts, watermark, cursor effect and more.

    open system audio
  • Step 3 Start to Record YouTube TV Shows

    Once you've determined your recording preferences and configuration, you are able to adjust "Capture Area" and click on the red "REC" to begin a recording assignment. Along the way, you can cut your TV shows as needed using the scissors-shaped scissor button, take snapshots using the preset shortcut or skip useless content using the "Pause" button.

    record youtube tv show
  • Step 4 Output and Manage Recorded TV Shows

    When a TV show you are recording is over, you can press on the Stop button in the toolbar to save it. A "History" window will soon pop up. In its list, you can choose your new videos to play, trim and rename. Or search the file to have a further check in the local folder.

    save youtube tv shows


All in all, it's a trouble-free solution to record on YouTube TV using its DVR feature. What you need to do is just add your appointed TV shows to the library. Nevertheless, it doesn't help you store all your programs forever, which is restricted to 9 months. If you prefer a surefire way in the long term, its alternative in the second part is suggested. To record other videos or events in YouTube, you can check more YouTube screen recorders by yourself.


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