How to Download Movies from Netflix

Q: "Can you download movies from Netflix?" - Riley

Netflix, with top-leading video service, aims at providing an amazing platform to fit for any taste, enjoying Netflix movies, TV shows online or streaming it to your mobile phones, tablet, game console and smart TV, etc. For some of you, it is a common thing to see a wonderful movie from Netflix and long for downloading it, especially when you're under limited data cap or in an airplane. Want to effortlessly download movies from Netflix, like Riley, for offline playback? Follow us in this article to learn how to download on Windows, Android, iPhone and Mac.


Part 1. Must-have: Download Movie from Netflix

If you have an idea to download favorite movies from Netflix, some preparation is definitely needed. Please make sure you meet the following conditions to proceed with the download task smoothly.

i: An active personal Netflix account

ii: Stable and strong network connection

iii: The latest version of Netflix app on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows or Amazon Fire tablet

Note: It's available to download movies or TV shows on some Chromebook and Chromebox.

Part 2. Download Movies from Netflix on Windows

Downloading movies or TV shows from Netflix on Windows PC is simple as long as you have an active Netflix subscription. Now take steps here to get movies you like downloaded soon.

download netflix movie on windows

Step 1: Run Netflix app for Windows and open a target movie;

Step 2: Find "Download" icon on its description page;

Step 3: Press the "Download" option to begin downloading it and you can have a check on "My Downloads" after it's completed.

Note: There is option in Netflix called "Smart Downloads", which can smartly help download the next episodes in a series and delete whatever you've viewed already.

Part 3. How to Download Movie from Netflix on iPhone, Android, iPad

The mobile apps that're compatible with Netflix include support to download movies or shows for offline viewing. Please firstly download and install Apple App Store for iPhone or iPad, or Google Play Store for Android.

download netflix movie mobile

Step 1: Run Netflix app on your mobile device, sign in account and choose a movie you want;

Step 2: Below the "Play" button, click on "Download" icon to begin downloading ans save your preferred movies.

Part 4. How to Download Movies from Netflix on Mac

Unfortunately, there is no possibility for Mac users to download desired movies from Netflix using official app. You can only stream content online in browser by visiting Netflix website. What if you need download a specific movie? Here comes Joyoshare Screen Recorder for Mac to work as an alternative.

This program adopts advanced screen recording technology on the purpose of bring the best experience to each user. It captures movies from Netflix as well as audios that are playing on your computer's system and microphone. You are available to select recording area, take screenshots, create a scheduled assignment, choose output format, and even add effects to cursor, etc.

Record Netflix movies with audio simultaneously

Set resolution, codec, channel and more

No limit on recording time and watermark

With stunning recording options

  • Step 1Visit Netflix website and run Joyoshare Screen Recorder

    Access to Netflix official website in browser, find a movie to be downloaded, and simply launch your installed Joyoshare Screen Recorder on Mac computer.

  • Step 2Select recording area

    There is a "+" button located in "Capture Area" section on the top left corner. Click it and then adjust the capturing area. You are allowed to decide how large the screen area by choosing any region on your desktop screen. Of course, you can directly preset standard ratio, such as 320x240, 640x480, 1280x720, full screen, etc, or enter a specific number to customize the size.

    select capture area

    To record Netflix movies, Joyoshare Screen Recorder is supportable to capture system audio and disable microphone sound, which easily avoids much noise being included in your Netflix recording.

  • Step 3Confirm recording settings

    Unfold "Options" button. Joyoshare Screen Recorder shows "Basic record options", "Record time options" and "Cursor options" to permit you to choose desirable output format, preset a scheduled task with definite start time as well as end time, highlight cursor, set shortcuts, add watermark, etc.

    recording settings
  • Step 4Record and download a movie from Netflix

    Play the movie online and click "REC" button to begin recording it from Netflix, during which you are entitled to have screenshots, trim movies and pause to skip contents.

    start to record netflix movie
  • Step 5Manage captured Netflix movies

    Preview any destination Netflix file on the list of "History" and manage it by editing its file name, revising ID3 tag information, such as title, album, year, etc. You can also trim it to keep only the highlights.

    preview recordings


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