Top Methods to Download Deezer Music for Free

Deezer is a well-known French music streaming site that provides millions of songs for users to enjoy on mobile for free. However, if you want to download the songs on Deezer to offline files, you will have to pay for the Premium account, which normally costs $9.99 per month. Even new users with free trial can only keep the offline Deezer music for 3 months, after which the offline audio files will expire.

However, there are actually some tools that can help you download Deezer music without subscribing to the Premium. In this guide, you will find out how to download free Deezer with these Deezer music downloaders. To practice the 3 methods in this guide, make sure you have a new Deezer account so that you can make use of the free trial. If you don't, simply create a new one with a new e-mail address.

Part 1. How to Download Music from Deezer with Joyoshare Audio Recorder

To download Deezer music on PC/Mac, you should first get the app or just register a new account on their website. Either way, as a new user, you will be authorized to get a 3-month Premium, with which you can stream and download music. However, these downloaded songs will get expired 3 months later, so is it possible to keep them forever?

Joyoshare Audio Recorder is a perfect streaming audio recorder that makes Deezer free music download possible. Basically, it can record and download the music played by Deezer, and then save the downloaded music into different formats.

Joyoshare Audio Recorder surpasses other Deezer music downloaders due to its wide selection of formats, its convenient audio editing function and the automatic detection of ID3 tags. Over a dozen formats are available in this software, including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, etc. The built-in editor will help you cut the unwanted parts, e.g. ads or silence, as well as add sound effects, which can improve your listening experience. Besides, Joyoshare Audio Recorder will automatically match the ID3 tags of the song you play, saving you a lot of time archiving the music.

Key Features of Joyoshare Audio Recorder:

Support 16 audio formats

Multifunctional useful audio editor

Record and download high-quality Deezer music

Automatically detect the ID3 tags of the songs

  • Step 1 Launch Joyoshare Audio Recorder

    Download Joyoshare Audio Recorder from the links above and run it. The main interface will pop up. Press the input source icon next to the Start Recording button and set System Audio as the input source, so that the software record and download music from Deezer.

    main screen
  • Step 2Set the output format and preferences

    Tap the record format icon to open the Format menu, where you can configure the format, codec, channel, bit rate and sample rate of the output songs. If you are not familiar with those terms, you can simply select High Quality or Small Size in the Preset drop-down menu. The rest options will be automatically adjusted according to the Preset. Next, press the Preferences icon in the upper right corner, then decide which folder you would the songs to be downloaded.

    You can also turn on the automatic split function in the Preferences menu. First, tick the Split the Recordings Individually box. It is recommended to split the recording when silence is more than 2000 milliseconds. Next, tick the Recording Is Silent option under the Delete Recordings Automatically box. It will make the recording of multiple songs easier, as the recorder will split the tracks when it senses the silence between songs.

    output format
  • Step 3Begin to record and download Deezer Songs

    Now, get the Deezer songs you want to download ready, but don't play it yet. Press the red Start Recording button first and then play the song. Now Joyoshare will start capturing the song. If you need to download multiple songs or several playlists, it would be more efficient to collect them in one playlist and play it. After all the songs finished playing, press the Stop Recording button, and the recordings can be found in the folder you previously set. record and download deezer music

  • Step 4Edit the recorded and downloaded Deezer songs

    Tap the edit audio icon at the rear of each recording to open the audio editor. First of all, it can trim the tracks, adjust the equalizer and add sound effects, making the music more enjoyable. In addition, the tags can be edited by yourself, so that you can archive the songs better.

    edit deezer music

Part 2. How to Download Deezer Music on iPhone

If you want to download Deezer music to iPhone so that you can enjoy it wherever you go, Siri Shortcut app can help. Shortcut app is only available in iOS 12 or higher iOS. This app is so useful that you wouldn't regret updating iOS just for it. To download the Deezer songs on iPhone with Shortcut, follow the tutorial below.

shortcut app
  • Step 1Download Shortcut app and install the Deezer shortcut

    Install the Shortcut app from the App Store.  Once installed, you can get this shortcut Deezer ++ by opening this link in Safari. 

  • Step 2Download options

    You will be asked to choose the music quality and download format (MP3 or FLAC).

  • Step 3 Download the Deezer music

    Simply run this shortcut and input the name of the song or a keyword to download Deezer music on your iPhone.

Part 3. How to Download Deezer Music on Android

To download Deezer music on Android, you will also need to download a recording app. Among all those recording apps, we recommend Smart Recorder, because it can produce high-quality recordings. Besides, Smart Recorder enables you to share the record songs with others through E-mail.

smart recorder
  • Step 1Download Smart Recorder

    You can download Smart Recorder from Google Play Store.

  • Step 2Start recording Deezer music

    Open the Deezer app and find the song you want to download. Go back to Smart Recorder and press the Record button. Then play the song in Deezer app.

  • Step 3Stop recording

    Tap the Stop button and tap on the Recordings, and your recordings will be saved in the device.


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